10 Modern Ways to Spruce up Your Bedroom in 2021

Are you looking for some trendy, modern bedroom interior design ideas? The bedroom serves as an important area of your house for a relaxed night’s sleep. Plus, you wake up in your bedroom thinking of new targets for each day. 

Therefore, the bedroom interior design must be comfortable, transmitting and relaxing. It will enable you to switch off and sleep or get up feeling amazing every night/day. Here we have shared the 10 best modern bedroom design ideas for you to retreat the right pattern or layout: 

1. Natty Neutrals

Just like in GSI bathrooms, even modern bedrooms appear causal chic with a neutral palette. Since neutral hues are easier to blend, you must consider effective patterns and textures for neutral decor. For instance, you may consider adding subdued colour to your bedroom with flowing drapes. Also, add a healthy dose of elegance and sophistication with luxe-looking velvet carpet and plush bed linen. Even white mini chandeliers hanging on either side of a bed are perfect to add decorative detail to the bedroom decor.

2. Perforated Partitions

In a bedroom with subtle decor and a neutral colour palette, adding perforated screens on windows enables a breeze to restrict harsh sun rays. Meanwhile, it helps in adding visually striking design elements to bedroom decor.

Even a veneer-panelled headboard concealing lighting fixtures comes out as another striking feature at night. It also adorns the room with shadow patterns and dappled light at the same time.

3. Style it With Mirrors

Why stick to just one mirror when you can install many? A complete panel of mirrors on the bed is a great way to add a stunning focal point in a bedroom. Plus, it gives the impression of a larger room than its actual size. The white and grey scheme can be made a little vibrant with a padded yellow headboard.

4. Simple Artwork and Decor

There’s so much stress on simple design layout when creating modern decor. When it comes to artwork or some other decor pieces, you need to keep them minimal as well. It is more important while designing a bedroom. The artwork must be a focal point in a bedroom. And, nothing else should overpower the clean shapes and lines of modern philosophy.

You even need to stay away from large frames and just opt for slender or frameless art pieces. Installing one large frame with some smaller pieces is optimal.

5. Focus on Comfort

It is easy to be carried away with any decor or design idea. But when creating bedroom decor, you must put comfort first. You need to bring in all details of a modern fun design yet comfortable bedroom design. If you are too focused on the design, you may lose sight of comfort and only get a stunning room. But for getting proper rest and sleep, you should add comforting and soothing elements while designing a bedroom.

6. San Fran Sass

Confident in its colour and traditional in shape, a teal-lacquered, spacious bedroom is another stylish way to amp up the interior. With stunning visual stimulation, a see-through Lucite headboard offers another practical feature without distractions. This San Fan Sass bedroom decor is likely to give a striking impact and relaxing feel to your sleeping space.

7. Contrasting Bedroom

Another stylish way to amp up your bedroom is by adding contrasting designs to the given space. This way, you’d be able to create a modern Zen bedroom with graphic black and white design details. The minimal adornments and neutral theme focus on minimalism and relaxation.

8. Wickerwork

Wickerwork in modern bedroom designs ideas is moving beyond potholders and laundry baskets into the realm of stunning furniture. You can install a bed with intricate woven detail that reminds you of vintage style. When paired with soft flanked and pink bedding, set in front of an abstract wallpaper, the classic furniture piece segues stunningly into a modern setting. 

9. Gold Accents

You can also create a simple yet striking bedroom with metallic tones without getting overboard. The hints of gold can be balanced with distinct textures in soft furnishings, such as a shaggy rug, velvety cushions, bed, etc. These different textures contrast with metallic accents and stand out from the rest of the decor.

10. A Suspended Bed

Bring a holiday-like feel into your bedroom with this suspended bed design. This bedroom is perfect to recreate the Mediterranean vibe via its white bed linen and cushions, as well as shades of blue.

Topped with a luxe mattress, the suspended bed tricks the eye by making us believe that it’s suspended from the ceiling with jute ropes hanging from above. The rustic coastal vibes continue into the bedroom with the simple tiles that echo the cobbled streets found in Greece.


A bedroom is an inviting space to rest and relax. With clean and sharp lines, harnessing natural tones and spaciousness, a modern bedroom design is a great way to unwind after a tiring day. Which of the mentioned bedroom design idea did you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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