10 New Collection of Black Kurta and Kurti Designs for Stylish Look

A kurta can never really go out of style for people, as long as everyone indulges in regular fashion regimes. Dressing up well is directly related to the kind of confidence one carries. Therefore, it is important to be at your best self whenever possible and needed. Kurtas for women and men are not a recent garment, rather they were discovered many years ago. 

Any event that has a traditional touch to it is purely incomplete without the best of these garments that may be present in your wardrobes. So keeping a few handy for any sort of usage is recommended. In Asian countries, this is probably the first-ever garment that was being discovered. Following which there have been many diversifications in this category of clothes. Be it a ladies kurti or gents kurta, both have a charm of their own when people wear them. 

The ways of styling a Kurta and Kurti 

Let’s quickly get into some of the detailed ways by which one can style this garment in the best way possible. The list of the same is as follows: 

  • To begin with, the most predominant way of styling a Kurti or Kurta is to grab a simple cotton kurta and wear pajamas along with it. This look is a traditional one and is widely known amongst people. 
  • Short Kurtis for women and Kurtas for men are recently a trend. Pairing it with comfortable jeans has its very own charm. The outfit does not only make you look good but also brings out the best styles in you. 
  • Another way of styling a kurta or kurti is to wear a Nehru jacket or an overcoat as the top layer. This gives a very smart look to anybody who is wearing it. 
  • The winter season is incomplete without this fashion trend. Taking or carrying a shawl above the Kurta-pajama can do wonders to the kind of look one is looking for. 
  • With the invention of denim, a lot of styles have emerged from those who like to experiment in terms of looks. 
  • For an everyday look, a kurta for men and women, essentially a short one can be paired with the best shorts available in your closet. The look can serve to be a perfect airport look or one can style it for a casual lunch as well as a dinner date. 
  • Last but not the least, to pair a Kurta-Pajama along with a denim jacket on the top is a great combination if someone is looking for a different type of style. Along with that, a sneaker would look absolutely gorgeous. 

Top 10 stylish looks with a black coloured Kurta 

The colour black and white are Universal and hence, can never take a back seat in the fashion space. So, a black kurta along with other garments can be paired in several ways that look stunning. Let’s have a glance through the list of some stylish looks that one can inculcate in their fashion game, that are listed as follows: 

  1. A cotton black coloured kurta with white pajamas 
  2. A black Chiffon Kurti with leggings 
  3. Linen shirt kurti with jeans 
  4. Off-shoulder black kurti with pajamas 
  5. Black Bandhani Kurti as a dress or with pajamas
  6. A black kurta for men with white pajamas and with a shawl along with that
  7. Pathani Kurta in black colour
  8. Sherwani set for men in the colour black 
  9. Printed black kurta for both men and women
  10. To pair a waistcoat along with kurta-pajama

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