10 tips to maintain vinyl flooring in Columbus

Whenever you consider renovating your floor, you try not to compromise with the quality of the flooring material. For a long-term investment like vinyl flooring in Columbus, there are some protective measures to keep in mind. After making the decision and doing the purchase, its maintenance and protection must be ensured.

Some very cool tips will help you to maintain the vinyl flooring in your household. These precautionary measures must be taken seriously to avoid any issues regarding the durability of the flooring sheets.

Tips on how to maintain vinyl flooring:

There are 10 easily applicable tips on how to maintain vinyl flooring in Columbus ,listed below:

  1. Normalize the use of foot mats
  2. Use dry mops for cleaning
  3. Avoid using water for washing
  4. On-time cleaning
  5. Use vacuum cleaner
  6. Avoid dragging heavy items
  7. Use mild shampoo spray
  8. Avoid using chemical stripes
  9. Use wet look shiners
  10. Use high-quality vinyl flooring planks

Normalize the use of foot mats:

Try to normalize the use of foot mats at the door way of your home, as it will not allow harmful chemicals, dust particles, or any other sticky material from outside to enter your household. Start your day with these simple steps.

Use dry mops for cleaning:

If you want your vinyl flooring to last a little longer, you must not clean it with really damp mops. A great cleaning tip is to dip the mop in warm water (not hot water), make sure it dries a bit, and then do the cleaning.

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Avoid using water for washing:

Vinyl flooring sheets do not require plenty of water to wash directly. Washing the floor planks might damage it from the inside. Directly using water can be harmful to the edges or the corners of the room.

On-time cleaning:

Any type of flooring is maintained by regular cleaning. Just like other floors, vinyl flooring in Columbus also requires on-time cleaning. It means that the stain or a splash of any sort should be cleaned at the moment with some warm water and a dry mop. Keeping a slightly damp and dry mop is a very cool tip for thorough cleaning.

Use Vacuum cleaner:

Using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes is also a good and applicable option to maintain vinyl flooring sheets at your home. It will be useful for day-to-day cleaning, especially in the evening to take away all the dirt particles that came from outside.

Avoid dragging heavy items:

This is one of the most significant protective measures to protect the vinyl floor planks from getting scratched. Really heavy objects such as a refrigerator or furniture must be placed accordingly because frequently dragging them with giving dents to the floor. Use underfoot protection for heavy objects to avoid this kind of mishap.

Use mild shampoo spray:

If you want to clean any sticky stain in the case of vinyl flooring in Columbus, try some mild shampoo spray. Simply, you just have to mix a small amount of hair shampoo in warm water (not hot water) and apply it to the stain. It will go away smoothly without damaging the color or texture of the floor.

Avoid using chemical stripes:

To ensure a reasonable life for vinyl flooring, try to avoid using dense chemical stripes for cleaning. It will damage the varnish and the texture of the floor planks. Also, its harmful fumes light stay in the environment for some time, which is quite unhealthy for the inmates of your home. 

Use wet look shiners:

There are different floor shiners available in the market but for vinyl flooring, try to apply non-wax, non-slip formula floor shiners. They will help maintain the natural look of the floor with a shiny appearance. Wet look shiners are mostly applied after proper cleaning. But they must be used with gentle hands to avoid any damage to the texture of the flooring sheets. 

Use high-quality vinyl flooring planks:

There is no doubt in the fact that you prefer high-quality flooring when you remodel your house. But along with the style and texture, make sure that you are investing in good-quality vinyl flooring planks. A tip is to go for the best quality vinyl flooring in Columbus to avoid any regrets later. As it is truly said, that good quality stays longer than the cheaper ones.


Being creative and stylish while renovating your household is not just enough. After dealing with the investment part one must be very careful and considerate about the maintenance. It is already known that vinyl flooring in Columbus needs low maintenance but there are some things to keep in mind to have a longer-lasting experience.

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