13 Things Tradies Want to Say to Customers, But Can’t

Our community’s backbone is made up of local tradies. They construct and maintain our houses, offices, schools, and everything in between! Why, therefore, are they frequently mistreated? 

Sure, we’ve all heard horror stories about tradies who keep you waiting, but what about the other side of the coin? If you’re in the market for a tradesperson, why not give them a shot? I’m sure some of you, particularly tradies, will find this humorous since you’ll be able to relate to these events. Those who do the right thing will be rewarded, but truly, do people get treated this way? Unfortunately, Yes. So, on behalf of all the amazing tradies out there, I’d like to offer some of the things the average tradie would like to tell you, but can’t.

  1. While a quotation may be free for you, it is not free for tradies. Tradies visit the project site, measure, and discuss your needs before preparing an estimate (and responding to your emails and phone calls with ‘minor’ modifications). Please ensure you’re well prepared so that the task runs as efficiently as possible.
  2. Don’t assume all tradies are always late; be home at the time you’ve scheduled. It’s time to answer the door. Don’t be irritated if tradies don’t show up two hours later when you realize you’ve got the wrong day.
  3. Please don’t request a quote at 8 p.m. so you can ‘take care of it after supper.’ Tradies also have families with whom they’d like to spend time with after work. 
  4. It’s quite OK if you opt not to accept a quote. However, please inform the tradie! Especially when they call to check if you received it. “Thank you for your interest, but we’ve chosen not to proceed” or “we’ve decided to go with someone else” is sufficient. It permits tradies to go on to other tasks rather than scheduling time for work that may or may not materialize. It’s impolite to act as though you’ve vanished from the face of the earth.
  5. If you don’t contact tradies for weeks or months, don’t expect them to hold slots for you, and don’t expect the quote to be the same — things change.
  6. Because some other jerk offered you a lower price, don’t ask your initial tradie to cut their quote in half. Take the joker’s advice. Just be sure to keep hold of the number of the higher-priced tradie so you have someone to contact when the clown is finished. The same goes for “well, then, we’ll attempt to solve it ourselves”… It is frequently less expensive to do something only once and correctly.
  7. It’s not a good idea to contact a tradie at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night! Many ’emergencies’ aren’t truly emergencies (a leaky sink tap won’t kill you if you wait until the next day!).
  8. Don’t provide the tradie your partner’s phone number; instead, ask him to call them to make plans. They don’t pick up the phone very often. It’s now their time to call after leaving two messages.
  9. When there are $15k in materials to cover, tradies can’t execute the work and invoice all of it at the end. Don’t be shocked if you have to pay for some of your physical out-of-pocket costs up front.
  10. If the agreements provide that the remaining balance must be paid upon completion, pay immediately as the job is completed, not a month after! Bills must be paid, and families must be fed.
  11. Just because an apprentice is on the job doesn’t imply you can obtain them for free since they’re ‘learning.’ Do you want to contact the apprentice and explain that because you’re an apprentice, you won’t get compensated for digging that trench? No, I don’t believe so.
  12. Don’t invite three tradies over to quote for projects at the same time. It’s not a bidding war!
  13. Tradies are unable to answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can’t really answer the phone while they’re knee-deep in a trench. Be reasonable and give tradies an opportunity to respond.
  14. It is not the tradie’s concern if you change your mind about the color, style, or anything else related to the project. You must pay for the new supplies as well as the additional time. You must pay for little jobs added to the job in the same way that you must pay for larger tasks.

So there you have it: The things tradies would like to tell you but couldn’t because of the consequences. After savoring that laughter consider going online and comparing your tradie insurance online to save money and avoid talking to another person for a little while! Allow your tradies to take a rest and give them due respect. They are quite important in our daily lives. When you get to know them, they’re usually extremely good individuals. 

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