4 Out of the Box Ways to Advertise Your Small Business

Advertising does not need to be ordinary. Traditional methods like handing out business cards and putting up flyers still work at times, but there are many more ideas out there waiting to be utilised. The digital methods are not what this refers to either. Sure, you can post about your business on social media and share relevant articles so customers are drawn in, but there are still additional techniques available that can put your company even further on the map. Use these four out-of-the-box ways to advertise and watch your business grow such as creative wholesale bakery boxes.

Set Up a Custom Tent at Fairs and Craft Shows

Countless fairs, craft shows, and other festivals get put together throughout the year in nearly every county. Find some local and even non-local options and set up a custom tent with your company name or logo emblazoned on the side. Pop-up custom tents can be made in order to attract potential customers. Put them up and take them down easily as you travel from one show to the next to spread your brand.

You can simply stand under the tent and speak with anyone who happens to show interest or have a selection of materials available to hand out. Freebies work well to draw attention, so handing out some gift items may be ideal to steal people’s attention and get them interested in your business. Something as simple as a pen with your company’s name on it could work wonders.

Attend Networking Events

Networking events allow business professionals to come together and share ideas, as well as meet others in the field whom it may help to know in the future. Attend as many of these as you can so you are always gaining new ideas and insight into related business ventures. You also get to put yourself and your company names out there so more and more people start to recognize you and feel confident in what you’re offering. Networking events pay off if you attend regularly.

Use a Logo Projector at Night

Logo projectors allow you to shine your logo in a large fashion against a wall. Use them at night when your business isn’t open to get passersby to take an interest. They will see the nighttime silhouette and wonder about its meaning, potentially causing them to look up the image and see what person or business it belongs to. The image should get placed on at least a three-foot wall with no windows to create the desired effect. Do not place it on your own business either. Instead, search for an area with lots of foot traffic at night so you can gain the most attention. 

You may have to pay a fee to the building owner so they will allow you to set up the projector, but it is usually affordable and well worth the price. The PhotoADKing logo maker can design a circle logo for your business or event in minutes. Our editor will help you create the perfect logo for your business, sports club, organization, etc. in just a few minutes. Simply select a template from a variety of options, edit your logo until you are completely satisfied, and download your logo free of charge.

Host an Event With Hand Stamps

Many events do not allow people inside until they have stamped their hands. The small stamp lets the hosts and security know who is indeed supposed to be there. Importance Of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses is non-brand and small businesses give a lot of time to become a traditional marketplace but now. Rather than placing a basic checkmark or date like some companies might try, create a stamp that incorporates your business name or slogan. It will put a lasting impression in people’s minds and make them remember you well past the end of the night. Continue to use your business cards maker and flyer maker to gain attention, as well as use social media to share your message. Just don’t forget there are other methods out there for bringing even more attention to your company. The more the merrier is true in many instances for business, as you can use various platforms for gaining customers and keeping your company growing.


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