Imagine yourself being surrounded by lots of flowers. Imagine yourself living amidst the field of lovely flowers. Imagine always having them around to make your life bloom with joy. Imagine waking up to the sight of flowers or having them in front of your eyes before you go to sleep. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Flowers have an amazing ability to captivate our attention towards them. They are the magical creations of the Almighty. 

Their enchanting fragrance and charming petals allure every creature towards them. Flowers make the best of gifts. We send flowers to bangalore to our dear ones to make them happy and spread positivity. Flowers add beauty to their surroundings in a totally effortless manner. Flowers have different colors and different sorts of appearance as well. 

Different shades of flowers have different meanings attached to them. Besides different meanings, flowers have different fragrances as well. Some flowers have a mild scent while others have a strong aroma. There are several flowers that are blessed with such strong and long-lasting fragrances that they keep their entire surrounding smelling sweet. You may read below what are some of the most fragrant flowers that can be kept near us to make us feel good. 


Blooming in white and yellow shade, the night-blooming flowers of Jasmine are renowned for their fragrance. They come across more than two hundred varieties. All of these varieties thrive in the regular gardening soil, which needs water in sufficient quantities in order to be well nourished. These flowers profuse with the onset of summer and need to be protected from the afternoon sun and its scorching heat. Their intoxicating fragrance is known to all. Jasmine is a must-have for a garden. 


These showy flowers bloom in late summers and are known for their fruity fragrance. These fragrant white flowers are widely used in making perfumes. Waxy petals of the flowers bloom at night, thus spreading their enticing fragrance. Although these flowers bloom all throughout the year, yet August and September are the months when these flowers bloom the most. In India, the Tuberose is also called Rajnigandha or Nishigandha. These ornamental flowers are used for making gajras and garlands. 


This bunch of beauties is a common sight in our gardens. Roses are famous for their tempting fragrance and are associated with love. A heartwarming rose flower delivery can make the recipient’s face gleam with joy. Roses start blooming from mid-spring and bloom till fall. Available in so many shades and more than one hundred fifty different species, the roses are the most desirable gardening plant. This floral shrub shall be planted in well-drained soil for its effective growth. 


Associated with birth and love, plumeria is an extremely positive flower, which also symbolizes hope. Most species of this flower grows in shrubs or small trees. It is white in color and is also known as Frangipani. Plumeria is most fragrant during the night. These flowers must be irrigated well and less exposed to the sun. They are easy to look after and can be used as ornamental flowers as well. These flowers are widely popular in the perfume industry as well. 


Being most famous for its soothing properties, Lavender is a herb that is known to promote calmness. These fragrant flowers are widely used in aromatherapy. These sweet smelling flowers are believed to cure mental health issues as well. Lavender helps in treating insomnia as well. This herb makes the most of the culinary uses. Lavender is used to making tea as well. You can plant these fragrant flowers in your garden or place them indoors. One must avoid overwatering them or keeping them in the shade for long periods of time. 

This was a list of some of the most fragrant flowers worldwide. Fragrances of flowers are used in perfumes as well. Their sweet fragrance makes us rejoice with peace. You can get these flowers through a simple online flower delivery and place them in your house and keep them fresh for a long time. You may plant them in your garden as well so that their beauty becomes a part of your everyday life.


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