5 Smart Tips to Improve Employee Communication with Digital Signage

Behind every successful organization is the set of employees who work efficiently and make the workplace better and more productive.

However, it is the moral imperative of an organization to keep the environment of the workplace better and more lively.

Communication acts as an extremely crucial factor to bind the employees together and to break the ice between them. Irregular communication can somewhere hamper and affect the work productivity of the office. Hence, digital signage for employee communication is much needed in a workplace to improve the organization’s environment.

Moreover, no employee prefers working in a dull and monotonous environment. In such cases, Digital signage emerges as a perfect solution to break the monotony and to make the workplace vibrant by increasing the communication between employees.

Keep reading the blog to get a better insight into how effective and efficient digital signage can be for your office and its employees.

Top Ways To Improve Employee Communication with Digital Signage At The Workplace

  • Welcome Message & Inspirational Quotes

Display a personalized message for the new joiners in the workplace. A nice welcome with a small bio and their picture will break their nervousness and will make it easier for other employees to interact with them.

Additionally, utilize digital signage to display inspirational and motivational messages/quotes to boost the work productivity of the employees. An inspirational message at the reception and inside the office will bring a smile to their faces and motivate them to perform with more zeal and enthusiasm.

  • Important Events & Celebrations

Another great way of using digital signage for employee communication is to display various important events like an employee’s birthday, work anniversaries, a wellness week, updates about some ongoing events (be it in any field), the birth anniversary of the office or to boost the morale of the top performers of the month.

You can display about a celebration to felicitate the department which has performed the best or an impromptu beer party after office!

This will surely instill more excitement amongst employees and make them feel more confident and happy about their workplace.

  • Important Data Reports With Relevant Statistics

As mentioned earlier, employees are the most crucial part of an organization. They literally make an organization work!

Utilize digital signage to display weekly or monthly data reports including crucial statistics showcasing sales, growth, and other important details that they ought to know about.

Giving them information about this will make them feel like an important part of the organization and they will feel the need to perform better next time to improve the overall performance of the office.

  • Social Wall For Increased Communication

Another efficient way to drastically increase employee communication is to display a social wall on digital signage in the office.

Social Walls are fun, vibrant and add a lot of spark to the overall atmosphere of the office. To engage your employees more, you can add an exciting element by telling them to utilize a specific hashtag and post something hilarious about their day and post it on their social media.

You can easily aggregate the content using a responsive tool and display it on the social wall to increase engagement and communication between the employees.

  • Display Important Information & Announcements

Gone are the days when organizations used to interact with their employees via mails, or by sending information through someone. It’s the digital era so why not use it to the best of our capacity?

Utilize digital signage in employee communication to spread important information to everyone at once. If you wish to interact with a particular employee, you can simply flash their name on the digital signage to give them a prior notification along with details about time and the place where they need to report.

Important announcements related to an upcoming all-office meeting can also be made.

This is a great way to give out information and make announcements if you have several departments in your office. Using digital signage for employee communication in every department of the organization will do the needful all at once.

  • Miscellaneous Information

You can utilize digital signage in employee communication to give out other miscellaneous information like an ongoing employee program or any additional training provided by the department or the organization. Showcasing details about various programs can instill eagerness within the employees to know about the program in detail.

Employees may show a keen interest in the training program too since polishing the skills is mandatory and every employee may look forward to it.

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Summing It Up

And we are calling it a wrap! Here were the top 5 ways using which you can effectively improve internal communication amongst employees.

Employee communication is mandatory for the smooth and effective functioning of an organization.

Apart from functioning, digital signage is the most result-driven tool to make your employees feel important and they would always feel like an integral part of the organization.

We are certain that by now you must be aware of the significance of utilizing Digital signage in employee communication at your place of work to increase the engagement of your employees, motivate them to perform better, and display relevant information, statistics, and crucial details.

Go on to make your workplace efficient and productive using Digital signage – the most powerful tool for communication!

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