9 Stones Can Turn Your Wheel of Life!

Gemstones adore the jewellery pieces in such a way that it becomes a masterpiece for many of us. It helps to enhance the personality of a woman and narrates many stories. Each of the gemstones represents a different part of the story.

Know the Gemstones

Coal, Mica, and pebbles are all various types of stones. However, do we use them as a part of our jewellery? No. We do not use them. However, some stones find application as our jewellery pieces and remain in our closets.

Lustre and aesthetic values are the things that are associated with the gemstones. In addition to it, rarity is something that makes the gemstones expensive. The presence of minerals in the gemstones gives a unique shine to the stone and some physical properties. Besides jewellery, astrology is another domain having maximum gemstone usage.

Use of Gemstones in Astrology and their Advantages

Astrology is a field of science that deals with future predictions by calculating the appropriate positions of the celestial bodies and the interactions between them. The gemstones work uniquely. The reflection of light through the gemstones help to enhance or enrich specific energy points in our body. The stones can pacify or activate various organs of our body to nullify adverse planetary interactions.

Ruby- This magenta-hued stone represents the Sun and improves life quality in terms of longevity. Ruby gemstone helps an individual to bestow mental concentration and peace. It makes an individual go a long way in life and achieve success.

Pearl- It is another common yet precious gemstone. Being the gemstone that represents the moon, pearls represent serenity and calmness. The cooling action of the pearls confers mental tranquillity and peace. It is also efficient in treating many ailments. If you drink the water of pearls dissolved in it, you can much of their benefits. It helps an individual to attain success in life by keeping their mind calm.

Yellow-Colour Sapphire- This bright yellow-hued gemstone is truly a gem of the stones. Also known for its innumerable benefits, yellow sapphire provides wisdom and stability. The reflection of this gemstone has to do a lot with the organs in the body. It can treat ailments and strengthen kidney and lung functions. It is the gemstone of Jupiter and imparts benefits when worn on the index finger.

Blue-Hued Sapphire- Another variety of sapphire gemstones is blue-hued sapphire. It is the gemstone of the Saturn planet and possesses innumerable qualities. Saturn is a spiritual planet. Wearing blue sapphire on the middle finger awakens the spiritual energy of an individual. It also has to do with physical health and helps enhance the power of the skeleton system and muscles. If a person is dealing with arthritis ailment, this gemstone can provide an ultimate cure.

Green-Hued Emerald- This green-colour precious gemstone can work wonders. It is a powerful and spiritual stone that helps an individual to discover the true sense of spirituality. This gemstone helps to settle the issues of the nervous system. Associated with its symbolic planet Mercury, this gemstone absorbs light that improves the creative trait. It helps improve the writing quality, speech and works to enhance the intelligence level of a person.

Transparent Sapphire- This gemstone is a white-hued bright gemstone that has several functions associated with it. The reflection of light through this gemstone promotes spiritual upliftment and sends positive vibrations like the brain, heart, and kidneys. Venus is the symbolic planet of the white sapphire and, this gemstone strengthens the bonds between the family members. It also imparts positive energy to the reproductive organs of the body. However, the low quality of this gemstone can impart adverse impacts on an individual. It is necessary to opt for a quality gemstone. Chanting some holy prayers while wearing the white sapphire will help to strengthen the results.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone- The appearance of the cat’s eye gemstone is unique. It resembles the eye of a cat. It has a mustard yellow hue with a specific pattern of reflection. This reflection is responsible for creating an image of the cat’s pupils. Although the name is cat’s eye, this gemstone is useful when there are repeated congestion, cough, and allergies. It also helps to improve kidney issues. It imparts a feeling of awareness in the cat’s eye gemstone and, it is because of this reason that this gemstone helps in psychological healing. It also makes sure that no person gets messed up with their emotional outbreak or gets caught in it.

Opal Gemstone- Opal is a semiprecious gemstone. It marks the Neptune planet. It helps to strengthen the bone marrow and nerves. It deals with the intuition power of an individual and gives relief from fever, migraine. It also enhances the vision of an individual and uplifts their spiritual beliefs.

Amethyst- This beautiful purple-hued gemstone has many positive functions. It imparts mental clarity in those individuals who suffer from chakra imbalance. This gemstone also helps to bring prosperity to the lives. Several neuromuscular diseases can get their perfect remedy in the form of amethyst. There are some variations in the amethyst quality and, those having slightly darker shade give a result like that of blue sapphire. The reflection from the dark-hued amethyst gemstones can cure neuro problems by keeping amethysts around the corners of the bed. It is a gemstone that provides an emotional balance between the mind and body of an individual. It also gives love and compassion to the individual.

A good quality gemstone can transform your entire life. Pick up the best gemstone for your future and your family. The quality of the semiprecious gemstones depends on the quality check by the government bodies. A government-certified gemstone marks its quality of superiority based on colour, cut, and clarity. To obtain authentic gemstones, you can bestow trust in Khannagems. The founder of Khannagems, Pankaj Khanna is a renowned astrologer. Besides this, he is also a certified gem expert. With more than 30 years of experience in gemstones, Khannagems is the sole destination for quality government-certified semiprecious gemstones. No one else can provide the best expertise in the field of semiprecious gemstones apart from the expert himself.


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