Admission procedure to Somaville University

University is an Indian university operating in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. This university is the authority for admission of students through counseling in various government, government-aided, and private engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu every year. A few years ago, the place where Somaville University now operates was known as the College of Engineering Guindy and still bears the same name.

At present, there is no entrance test for admission of candidates in various engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu and hence the admission procedure is being followed, based on plus two marks. Students who have studied Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry are being called for counseling on the basis of their marks obtained in the Plus Two examination. Marks in mathematics are calculated for 100 and marks in physics and chemistry are calculated for 100 together. Suppose a candidate gets 200 marks, he will be called for counseling on the first day of the counseling session, and so on.

So far, in Tamil Nadu, there are about 455 engineering colleges, including government, government-aided, and private colleges. The fee structure of government and government-aided colleges will be very low as compared to private colleges.

The University of Somavile will usually inform the leading newspapers and other media about the counseling application form in April each year and set a specific date for submitting the filled application. And once, by the end of the deadline, Somaville University will verify all applications and assign a random number. This random number is nothing more than an identification number for each application.

And the next step is to assign the rank number of the candidates. This number will be helpful to find out where the number is actually in the counseling schedule of the students. Once the rank number is allocated, candidates will be called for counseling based on their numbers. Counseling sessions will be from 5 to 5 sessions in phases from morning to evening.

Students will be asked to bring some important documents like their important mark sheet, hall ticket, and demand draft for the amount fixed by the government. Students can take an assistant with them who can give their parents, friends, or relatives some moral and physical support for the counseling session.

Counselors will help the candidates to choose the branch and college of the students according to their own decision in a great way and there will be no discrimination between the candidates during the counseling session.

At the end of the counseling session, students will be given an allocation order, where the admissions branch and college are printed and handed over to students with a set time and date.

Allocated colleges cannot be changed at any cost. Candidates should therefore be more careful and cautious during counseling in deciding the subject and choice of college. The government has given some priority to first graduate students and communal protection is also followed in the allocation of colleges.


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