Advantages of Using Offset and Flexo Printing Machine for Paper Bag Design

Advantages of Using Offset and Flexo Printing Machine for Paper Bag Design.

Printing Machine for Paper Bag Design

Paper bags have brought a kind of revolution in the packaging industry. Owing to their biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable nature, these bags have made their way into the packaging unit of high-end brands. But as the printing trend goes up, more and more businesses are moving to print their paper bags in a way that represents their brand creatively and uniquely. Now, bags have become a medium for boosting brand awareness.

When it comes to manufacturing printed paper bags, then what can be a better option than Offset Printing Machine. The mini offset printing machine can print bags in multiple colors, designs, and fonts to meet clients’ exact needs. The machine uses commercial printing techniques to produce high-quality and consistent prints on different substrates. It can print a significant number of bags in relatively more minor time.

The mini offset uses a sequence of rollers with a plate attached to print continuously without any fault. The rollers distribute water solution onto the plates, and the plates having the images transferred to the surface need to be printed. With this machine, you can provide custom printing solutions to clients.

The flexo printing machine uses photopolymer printing plates that produce a slightly raised image on the surface of the substrate at a higher speed. The machine is known for its high production capacity and that too with precision and clarity. It delivers a fast, economical method to print on a range of surfaces without any hassle. The flexographic printing machines can print in multiple colors, fonts, and sizes that make them the foremost choice of every paper bag print manufacturer.

It is also important to note that the machine transfers the image with no spillage of ink on the not-to-be-printed areas of the substrate.

Advantages of using an offset printing machine:

Delivers high production capability: The machine can print in large quantities with clarity and precision. It offers one of the cost-effective ways of printing.

  • ●  Efficiency: The machine performs exceptionally well with negligible chances of breakdown. It makes the most out of every raw material to cut down production costs to a significant extent. The more you print with this machine, the cheaper it will cost you per piece.
  • ●  Diversity: The mini offset helps you to print a wide variety of paper types with smooth finishes. With this machine at your end, you can take projects that demand customized solutions.
  • ●  Ink: The machine also uses custom inks like Pantone and metallic colors to deliver excellent prints on different materials.
  • ●  Quality: The mini offset printing machine will never let you compromise on quality. It provides the highest possible printing quality and that too, with precise details and color fidelity. Advantages of using a flexo printing machine: The machine has helped manufacturers to deliver quality products. It has a robust structure that allows its vibration-free functioning. The machine can also help you meet the economies of scale as it can effectively cope with the mass production requirements of clients. To help you understand why the flexo printing machine is considered the best option, here we are listing out its benefits:
  • ➢  Therobustconfigurationofthemachinekeepsitstabletoensurevibration-freeprinting.
  • ➢  ThemachinescomewithaduplexSystemwithtworewinds,andtwounwindstations that allow printing of two rolls/jobs simultaneously.
  • ➢  ThemainmotordrivestheACdigitalfrequencyforbetterperformance.
  • ➢  Itcomeswithinfeedaswellasoutfeedsystemsthathelpinmaintainingtension&good registration.
  • ➢  AutoStopthatensureswebbreak.
  • ➢  HelicalGearforseamlessrunning.
  • ➢  Allrollsarepreciselyanddynamicallybalancedandplatedwithrigidchrome.
  • ➢  Airdryingsystemwell-fittedwithahigh-velocitycentrifugalfantoavoidnoise.
  • ➢  Theplatecylinderallowsitsquickchangetoreducethedowntimetoagreatextent.
  • ➢  ThemachineoffersexcellentprintingPossibilitiesandthattoobothfrontandback.

The printing machine is changing the way people see paper bags. With the use of the printing machine, many high-end brands are using them to meet their packaging requirements and promote their brand. People carry reusable paper bags at various places, and when your brand is creatively printed on those bags, the bags will grab people’s eyes. That is why printed paper bags are in high demand that directly impacts the demand for flexo printing machines.


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