Are Cheese Curds Good To Eat When On Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern, where there is a period of fasting, in between a period of eating, generally done to lose weight by eating fewer meals. As less food is eaten during an intermittent fast, it automatically reduces your calorie intake, which causes a breakdown of fat and eventually a decrease in your weight. 

So, are any foods off limits when you are intermittent fasting? Well, only if you want them to be. But what about cheese curds? Cheese curds are the dairy products created in the initial phase of cheddar cheese making. The curds are separated during the cheese-making process, and instead of throwing them away, they are sold right away for everyone to enjoy. Since cheese curds lose their well-known squeak after 24 hours, they are often Individually Quick Frozen (IFQ) to keep their nutrients and freshness for longer. 

When you are intermittent fasting as a way to lose weight, this can something result in your body not getting the right amount of nutrients. This is just one of the reasons why cheese curds are perfect to be consumed during intermittent fasting. So, to answer your questions, “Are cheese curds good to eat when on intermittent fasting?” The answer is definitely yes.

Here are some of the best reasons to eat cheese curds when intermittent fasting:

Pure Dairy Cheese Curd are sourced fresh from Wisconsin, a world-famous source for cheese curds. They are then Individually Quick Frozen (IFQ), where the nutrients are preserved better than ordinary cheese. So, they naturally have more nutrients, and nutrient dense foods are great when fasting. They also contain no additional preservatives and additives, so are healthy if you are on a diet.  Either fresh or crumbled cheese curds are perfect as a snack for those trying to lose weight, as they are flavourful and not time consuming to make. They are also high in calcium and protein with no carbohydrates, added sugars, and gluten-free.

The nutrient composition of Pure Dairy’s Cheese curd

Nutrient Average quantity per 100g
Fat, total33.1g
Trans fatLess than 0.1g
Carbohydrate 1.3g
Dietary fibre, total4g

Cheese curds are a great food for everyone regardless of whether you are intermittent fasting or not; mainly because of its high nutrient composite, mid salty flavour and satisfying squeaky texture. In contrast, it’s also a great food for athletes and fitness enthusiasts as it contains the right amount of nutrients for their bodies. Cheese curds are a great food, for anyone on an intermittent diet as it provides all necessary nutrients to their body and helps to keep them full for a more extended period of time.

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What do cheese curds look like?

Cheese curds look similar to a small nugget of cheese with a soft white, yellow or pale orange colour. They are squeaky in texture and mildly salty in flavour.

How long does a cheese curd last unrefrigerated?

It usually is recommended to have cheese curds within 12 hours, for the best experience, but you can keep them unrefrigerated, for under 24 hours. 

Can pregnant women eat Pure Dairy Cheese Curds?

Yes, anyone, including pregnant women, can eat cheese curds. They are high in protein and calcium, no added sugar, carbohydrate and gluten-free with zero trans-fat.

Where can I buy cheese curds in Australia?

Pure Dairy sells cheese curd all across Australia. You can call our them to find a distributor near you.

Can cheese curds be used in cooking?

Of course, they can be used in cooking; they can be included in making dishes like quesadillas, Poutine, Panzanella and grilled cheeses sandwiches


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