Assisted living caregiver: Better solution for you/your parent

Loneliness is the hardest time of human life. Being the child of your parents, you might have a very hectic schedule to manage your office tasks and family matters. In addition, your dad or mom needs physical and mental assistance continuously or most of the time, right? However, being a senior person, you understand your child’s hectic routine, but you need to accompany with proper health care for your daily living. Great news for both parties, indeed!

You have already explored Google or YouTube but not getting all the basic concepts regarding Assisted Living Caregiver options. If all those questions match you, please read this article, which will clarify all your questions and solve your concurrent problems regarding your parents’ assisted living caregiving services.

What is the meaning of Assisted Living?

Assisted living means a home-like place where an adult person has the accessibility for basic daily living tasks like toileting, dressing, bathing, and recreational roaming around the park or community arena.

Who is an Assisted living Caregiver?

Assisted living caregiver is the trained personnel who can care for a family member (Although paid or Volunteer from Charitable organization) for looking after an ill person, senior citizen or disabled person.

Assisted living caregiver works mostly for older persons suffering from long term health problems like Alzheimer’s or Dementia or unable to live independently because of physical, mental or other health limitations directly related to age or other factors.

What are the benefits of Assisted living caregiver support?

Assisted living care services offer services on senior health and wellness. This health and wellness mean physical health, mental health, intellectual improvisation, and social connection.  So altogether, those basic services will surely make seniors healthier and happier longer.

What are the different levels of Assisted living caregiver service?

Assisted living caring occurs in different levels like personal care, where the caregiver assists with toileting, dressing, eating, basic grooming, and prescribed medicine taking on time. Household works like cooking nutritious meals, cleaning clothes, bed sheets, dishwashing, shopping even in backyard maintenance.

Those two things incorporate assisted living caregiving service and companionship for the older person like a conversation, bringing a senior person to the doctor, mentoring for health information.

Who can be a Professional assisted living caregiver?

Any person above 18 years of age can be a professional caregiver by accomplishing proper caregiver training from an accredited board or medical training institute. In the United States, almost all states will take a minimum of 10 hours of the training session.

They will take just a training session and examine to get a certificate from their institute. Then, to practice as an individual or agency in any state of America, one can take licensure, which will take almost 80 dollars.

An assisted living caregiver must be under the supervision of a Resident physician or agency recruited physician.

When should you search for a caregiving service at an assisted living facility for your parents?

First and foremost, it is a very crucial matter and time to handle with your parents. If there is any health and medical condition like Stroke, Alzheimer’s or dementia, or aging factors, you should talk to them regarding this medical condition with all-time caring services.

You make them understand that you can’t provide all day long for years after years. On the contrary, they will cheer up their life with professional caregiver services. Hopefully, they will understand your situation.

Moreover, Medical issues are a priority for your parents and yourself, too. Therefore, assisted living arrangements or facilities have also been well connected with medical emergencies.

Difference between Nursing home care and Assisted living care

Nursing home care services include all kinds of medical and personal caring support services in a clinical setting. On the other hand, Assisted living care service provides personal caring facilities in a home-like, social setting.

How much cost of assisted living caregiver support?

Assisted living Caregiving services generally come from the agency that you will choose. For example, a professional assisted living caregiver from a reputed agency charges you 16 to 30 US dollars per hour. It is the average service value from house care agencies.

You can minimize this service cost if you hire private individuals who can negotiate less charge around 10% – 20% compared to the agency.


Last but not least, you should be very careful to bring on this assisted living caregiving service to your parents. Although it is just a medical issue, it is very much a social and emotional issue to consider. Therefore, you will focus on what your parents need most. Based on mutual agreement of your parents and doctor’s consent, you can bring home supported assisted living caregiver or community-based assisted living care service for your parents, indeed.

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