10 In-Budget Bathroom Upgrades For Renters

In Arlington, the bathroom is usually the first place that a renter looks at while renting an apartment or any property. Isn’t it? The article discusses some bathroom upgrades for renters which are budget-friendly.

So, even though as a renter you may not have the luxury to remodel the entire bathroom to your taste, but certain bathroom upgrades for renters can help you enhance the look and functionality of the place.

In this article, we will tell you some easy and budget-friendly bathroom upgrades for renters that you can go for to make the place look like your own. Without any delay, let’s get started:

1. Replace the handles of the bathroom cabinets

You can transform the entire look of your bathroom by simply changing the handles of the bathroom and medicine cabinets. Get rid of those rusty porcelain cabinet knobs and replace them with something that suits your taste. This entire endeavor will cost you no more than $50.

Do not hesitate to go for bold themes and designs with the knobs. However, it is a good idea to keep the old knobs somewhere secure in case, your landlord asks for them when you empty out the apartment.

2. Change the showerhead

Can you imagine using a bathroom that has an annoying shower head that either flows a Niagra Fall or only drips water? No, right?

So, when you rent out an apartment, change your showerhead which will not take more than 15 minutes and will cost you according to the type of showerhead you select.

Get a screwdriver, unscrew the old showerhead and replace it with a new one and enjoy a generous, comforting shower all day.

3. Change the lighting in the bathroom

The top bathroom renovation companies in Arlington MA begin the remodeling process by changing the light fixtures.

You do not need to change the electrical wiring inside, since most bathrooms already have easily changeable light fixtures. Simply remove the old ones and install the light that you like.

You can also change the lighting by replacing the lightbulbs. In light bulbs, the options are endless; you can go for warm, cozy, or bright lights. Visit a good hardware store and check out all the available options for your bathroom lighting.

4. Change the flooring

There is nothing that looks uglier than broken, chipped off, cracked, or stained bathroom tiles. Go for vinyl flooring and cover the affected areas with stylish bathroom or shower mats. 

A fresh floor will instantly uplift the atmosphere of your bathroom. In fact, vinyl is the easiest to custom size according to your bathroom size.

5. Install some stylish shelves or get taps

Shelves are a great way to create space and add elegance to a bathroom space. Select shelves that complement the theme of your cabinets and other hardware. Make sure everything looks well blended together.

Use these shelves to place your bath products, perhaps a good quality plant. Hang some wall mural above the shelf and voila, you have a new bathroom!

Or an alternative to shelves you can get new stylish taps, new taps add-in to beauty and a visible change to you new bathroom. Check our blog on how and why to buy bathroom taps online.

6. Install Plants

Adding plants in small pots to bathroom will not only enhance the look of bathroom but it would also make it smell better. Plants can help improve air quality by keeping the atmosphere clean. Moreover, it has positive impacts on mood. Plants like aloe vera becomes handy that implies to other beauty benefits. In short it just not upgrades your bathroom appearance but have significant impacts on your mood and health.

8. Get Or Make Stylish Economical Holders

You can replace holders for your soap, towel, brush, shampoo, etc. Get the new economical and stylish ones. If you are creative enough you can recycle the boxes, bottles and other available stuff. Make holders out of these or baskets to organize your vanity items.

9.  Decorate Mirror Or Get New One

Mirrors in the bathroom is what we all loved. It is certainly one of the noticed and must have item of bathroom. A cracked, stained or old-fashioned bathroom mirror can degrade all the efforts you put to upgrade your bathroom. Get your bathroom a new mirror or decorate the stained sides of old mirror to hide them. This would definitely provide a visible change in your bathroom.

10. Wallpaper one wall

Decide a wall in your bathroom and decorate it using a wallpaper. To get it noticed, you can change the front wall of entrance. This would definitely leave a significant change, leaving your bathroom upgrade project successful and in your budget.

These top bathroom upgrades for renters will bring fruitful results. In case you need professional help, It is recommended to find affordable professionals using online directories like HighFive Listings, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, etc. These platforms help to find professionals in your area and reviews on these sites can help you decide better. At least you get the contact information to request quotes and choose the one that is in budget.

Adkins Sylvia

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