4 Benefits of Creating a Varied Exercise Schedule

Exercising is good for your wellbeing, and it is good for your body too. When you are exercising you will find it beneficial to follow a routine or schedule. To get the best results, you will want to diversify your routines and efforts to ensure that you focus on working out your whole body.

If you are simply doing the same thing every time that you work out then you will find your results will not change. Setting goals and targets, and being prepared to mix and match exercising methods and routines is what you need to focus your time and energy on.

1. Fighting Off Boredom

There are times when exercise is boring, and there are times when you don’t feel like working out. Often you can dread exercising and working out if you are perhaps finding the whole process a little bit boring and tedious. 

Fighting off boredom by shaking up the exercise that you do will help to keep things fresh, new and exciting. If you know what you are expecting every time you work out, you will find that you will be disheartened, and perhaps disengage with your efforts.

2. Focusing on Weight Loss or on Building Strength

When you switch up your exercise routine, you get to target many areas. This may include building strength for a few months, after focusing on weight loss you have been concerned about for a few months. 

When you are focusing on these two key areas, it is important to adopt a proactive approach. There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss and building strength. For example, your diet contributes, but you will also find that using equipment like the Mirafit kettlebell in your home, or even at the gym will be advantageous to your efforts too. Being open-minded with the intensity that you apply, and even looking at how much repetition is involved is key to a varied exercise schedule. 

3. Reigniting Your Passion for Exercise

When you have been exercising over a period of months or years, you can find that your passion and enthusiasm wanes. Now, this may not be intentional, but it can happen before you even realize it. 

When you lose your passion for exercise you may find that it becomes dull, and it becomes too rigorous. When you have no passion for exercise you have no desire to improve your body and its condition, and this is a shame. Reigniting your passion for exercise by being open to changing things, will put you in good stead for your future plans.

4. Focusing on What Works For You and Your Body

Not all types of exercise and workouts will be suitable for your body, or your lifestyle either. Through trial and error, you will find an approach to exercise that works for you. Being open to trying new things, being proactive, and maintaining positivity are what you must always focus on. 

If something does not work for you, then do not be disheartened as this negativity will hold you back.

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