Benefits of serving specialist cheese sauces in your culinary establishment

Anita Cheese Sauce is an Australian made cheese sauce, manufactured and sold by Pure Dairy. This cheese sauce is without a doubt the best liquid cheese sauce, to meet the needs of the Australian foodservice industry. The food service industry needed a good quality liquid cheese sauce, with a consistent silky texture, and a great taste, to add to a huge number of dishes sold across Australia. So, Pure Dairy created Anita Cheese Sauce, a cheese sauce that is tasty, fresh and versatile. The cheese sauce is also easily heated and delivers an appealing look to any dish.

Pure Dairy is dedicated to providing consumers with the best quality cheese sauce and a range of other cheese products. So, when they created Anita cheese sauce, it successfully met the demands of the foodservice industry.

Here are some of benefits of serving a specialist cheese sauce in your culinary establishment:

·  Confined with limited time, Using ready-made cheese sauce in food like burgers & fries makes them delicious and are quick to serve.

·  Anita cheese sauce has the perfect base for mac & cheese, which can be cooked and delivered quickly.

·  Anita cheese sauce is free of unnecessary and additional preservatives and colour; it ensures there is no adverse effect on the consumer’s health.

·  If you serve hotdogs or nachos to your customers, liquid cheese can be used as an idle sauce for them, and the food will taste way better with a high-quality cheese sauce.

·  Your restaurant can easily heat and freeze-thaw Anita Cheese Sauce, and it is suitable for both hot and cold food items.

·  Anita cheese sauce to make items that last a couple of days, such as bakery items like pastries and pies.

How can I buy Anita’s Cheese Sauce?

If you own or manage a restaurant, or any business within the foodservice industry and are looking for a place to buy bulk Anita cheese sauce, the Pure Dairy is your answer. Pure Dairy will supply you with the highest quality cheese sauce in Australia. Not only does Anita Cheese Sauce taste great, but it also has a long shelf life, perfect for any restaurant environment.  If you contact Pure Dairy, they can connect you with a supplier who will be responsible for shipping your Anita Cheese Sauce product anywhere across Australia.

Pure Dairy is an Australian based dairy company that has extensive knowledge of the overall dairy industry and provides a range of dairy products to restaurants all across Australia.  Even if you aren’t in the market for Anita Cheese Sauce, Pure Dairy has a wide variety of dairy items that are perfect for your restaurant, such as butter, milk, cheese slices, Mexi Shred Blend, milk and whey products. Similarly, in the cheese section, they can offer you Cheddar, cheddar slices, mozzarella, Gouda, burger slices, and many other cheese products.

If you would like to get any products or just to find out more, email Pure Dairy at


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