Bus East Africa tips

Traveling by bus in East Africa is exhausting. They are warm, rarely stop, and are packed full of people. With that being said, East African buses can be a remarkable experience with the best mindset. Fellow passengers are friendly and amazing to talk to, the views are stunning, and you get to experience some entertaining African movies and music during the journey.

Kenya bus tips

Kenya provides a network of long distance bus lines, anyway, the journey can be dusty and bumpy so pick a reputable company for long journeys with bus tickets Kenya. It is preferable to travel during the day rather than at night due to the danger of carjackings and road traffic accidents.

Local buses in town are provided by private firms and are affordable while providing relax seating.  These buses have regular services in and out of Nairobi city suburbs. Buses are generally seat 20-35 passengers and, by lawn, no standing passengers. This is a clean, safe and effective way of traveling via the cities of Kenya.

Tanzania bus tips

Local buses are affordable and a way to get around Tanzania cities, at just 500 Tsh per ride but will need some Swahili language expertise. If you take a dala dala, guess to get up close and personal with your neighbors as it will be a bumpy and tight ride.

Overland buses are a costly option to travel from to city across Tanzania, but they can be very long. Do not expect any toilet or A/C on board, many overland bus tickets Tanzania are pretty basic and have been famous to break down on the side of the road.

Prices are usually fixed, although overcharging happens. Most Tanzania bus tickets booking stations are hectic, and at the ones in Arusha and other visitors location you will likely to be hounded by touts.

Uganda bus tips

Two types of buses make up the public transportation system of Uganda. The so-called taxis are actually commuter vans or minibusses that run on fixed routes, while the real buses run at a lower frequency and generally leave Kampala pretty early. Buses run by several firms leave more or less from the same area. Getting around Uganda’s big urban centers by bus is an affordable way to travel via bus tickets Uganda. Buses anyway do not forever run on time so unless you have time to spare, depending on the bus system is a sound idea. Backpackers with time may find getting around Uganda by bus the best choice.


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