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ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) is the main official site for CA Exams. The site updates the regular information for every CA level examination. They provide CA Intermediate Study Material, CA Intermediate Modules, CA Intermediate Question Test Papers, also, the RTPs and sample papers to help students with their examinations. 

During this COVID-19, ICAI has launched the Virtual Portal on their official site that comprises web classes and lectures to help students in making their studies easy. 

ICAI has issued a new list of amendments related to the topics in-laws and taxes that come under the Study Material For CA Intermediate. This year, also ICAI has followed the same CA Intermediate Study Material Group-2 as published in July 2017. 

Taxation Paper has been updated by the new amendments of the GST in July 2018. The ICAI has updated a list of chapters i.e. 2, 12, 13, 14 of the advanced accounting paper under the Paper Taxation. This update is published on the BOS (the student portal of the Board Of Studies).  

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Students can find the two best ways to get the CA Intermediate Study Material PDF:

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  2. Or simply students can download CA Intermediate Study Material from the official website of ICAI or you can also get below links for CA Intermediate Group-2. 

Download CA Intermediate Study Material for Group-2 PDF

Paper 5 Advanced Accounting


Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Application of Accounting Standards

Chapter 2: Partnership Accounts

Unit 1: Dissolution of Partnership Firms

Unit 2: Amalgamation, Conversion and Sale of Partnership Firms


Initial Pages

Chapter 3: Accounting for Employee Stock Option Plans

Chapter 4: Buyback of Securities and Equity Shares with Differential Rights

Chapter 5: Amalgamation of Companies

Chapter 6: Internal Reconstruction

Chapter 7: Liquidation of Companies

Appendix: Schedule-III to The Companies Act, 2013


Initial Pages

Chapter 8: Financial Statements of Banking Companies

Unit 1: Some Relevant Provisions of The Banking Regulations Act, 1949

Unit 2: Books of Accounts, Returns and Forms of Financial Statements

Unit 3: Capital Adequacy Norms

Unit 4: Income Recognition, Classification of Assets and Provisions

Unit 5: Some Special Transactions of Banks

Unit 6: Preparation of Financial Statements of Banks


Chapter 9: Non-Banking Financial Companies

Chapter 10: Consolidated Financial Statements

Accounting Pronouncements

Initial Pages

Accounting Standards
Hindi Medium

Paper 6 Auditing And Assurance

Module 1

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Nature, Objective and Scope of Audit

Chapter 2: Audit Strategy, Audit Planning and Audit Programme

Chapter 3: Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence

Chapter 4: Risk Assessment and Internal Control

Chapter 5: Fraud and Responsibilities of the Auditor in this Regard

Chapter 6: Audit in an Automated Environment

Chapter 7: Audit Sampling

Chapter 8: Analytical Procedures

Module 2

Initial Pages

Chapter 9: Audit of Items of Financial Statements

Chapter 10: The Company Audit

Chapter 11: Audit Report

Chapter 12: Audit of Banks

Chapter 13: Audit of Different Types of Entities

Auditing Pronouncements


Initial Pages

Part I: Auditing and Assurance Standards

General Principles and Responsibilities SA 200 – 299

Risk Assessment and Response to Assessed Risk SA 300 – 499

Audit Evidence SA 500 – 599


Initial Pages

Using Work of Others SA 600 – 699

Audit Conclusions and Reporting SA 700 – 799

Part II: Statements

Part III: Guidance Notes
Hindi Medium

Paper-7: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management

Paper-7 Section-A: Enterprise Information Systems

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Automated Business Processes

Chapter 2: Financial and Accounting Systems

Chapter 3: Information Systems and its Components

Chapter 4: E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Emerging Technologies

Chapter 5: Core Banking Systems



Corrigendum to Study Material
Paper-7 Section-B: Strategic Management

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Introduction to Strategic Management

Chapter 2: Dynamics of Competitive Strategy

Chapter 3: Strategic Management Process

Chapter 4: Corporate-Level Strategies

Chapter 5: Business-Level Strategies

Chapter 6: Functional Level Strategies

Chapter 7: Organisation and Strategic Leadership

Chapter 8: Strategy Implementation and Control
Hindi Medium

Paper-8: Financial Management & Economics for Finance

Section-A: Financial Management

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Scope and Objectives of Financial Management

Chapter 2: Types of Financing

Chapter 3: Financial Analysis and Planning – Ratio Analysis

Chapter 4: Cost of Capital

Chapter 5: Financing Decisions – Capital Structure

Chapter 6: Financing Decisions – Leverages

Appendix – Financial Tables


Initial Pages

Chapter 7: Investment Decisions

Chapter 8: Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting

Chapter 9: Dividend Decisions

Chapter 10: Management of Working Capital

Unit I: Introduction to Working Capital Management

Unit II: Treasury and Cash Management

Unit III: Management of Inventory

Unit IV: Management of Receivables

Unit V: Management of Payables (Creditors)

Unit VI: Financing of Working Capital

Appendix – Financial Tables
Hindi Medium
Paper-8 Section-B: Economics for Finance

Initial Pages

Chapter 1: Determination of National Income

Unit I: National Income Accounting

Unit II: The Keynesian Theory of Determination of National Income

Chapter 2: Public Finance

Unit I: Fiscal Functions: An Overview

Unit II: Market Failure

Unit III: Government Interventions to Correct Market Failure

Unit IV: Fiscal Policy

Chapter 3: Money Market

Unit I: The Concept of Money Demand: Important Theories

Unit II: The Concept of Money Supply

Unit III: Monetary Policy

Chapter 4: International Trade

Unit I: Theories of International Trade

Unit II: The Instruments of Trade Policy

Unit III: Trade Negotiations

Unit IV: Exchange Rate and Its Economic Effects

Unit V: International Capital Movements

Hindi Medium


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