Strategy to Revise CA Intermediate Syllabus May 2022 Exams

Have you ever wondered why the pass percentage in the CA intermediate Exam remains less? Also, why do only a few students qualify for the CA Intermediate Papers? The major answer is the difference in their preparation and revision strategy for the CA Intermediate Syllabus.

The CA Intermediate Syllabus is quite vast, and hence it becomes pretty tough for the students to remember it for a long time. And ultimately, without proper revision, students forget the topics that they have studied. Also, due to the lack of revisions, students fail in solving various practical questions.

The exams time is near. ICAI has released the CA Intermediate Exam form May 2022. Till now, your CA Intermediate syllabus should be completed soon and you should start your revisions. If the students complete the preparation of all the CA Inter subjects on time, then they must be ready with a reasonable revisions plan and properly revise the course. You will also get the time to practice CA Intermediate papers, sample papers which is also crucial. This will help you to grab good Intermediate results.

So, we have come up with a strategy with which you can revise your complete CA Inter Syllabus for May 2022 exams. 

Effective Revision Tips for the CA Intermediate Syllabus of May 2022

Students also need to plan a good revision strategy for themselves. Since ICAI has announced the CA Intermediate exam dates in May 2022, you can prepare your revision accordingly and start it two months before the exam. For now, let us go through some very useful and effective revision tips.

Important note: If you haven’t gone through the ICAI syllabus then you should consider it. You can download the CA Intermediate syllabus 2022 pdf from the ICAI and check for any updates or amendments. 

Properly Plan your Revisions

The primary thing that will guide you and help you crack the Intermediate exam is smart revisions. So, to make your revisions a proper one, start by dividing them into 3 parts. These three parts will be the daily revision, weekly revisions, and monthly revisions.

In daily revision, at the end of the day, while you are about to go to bed, revise all the matters that you have read throughout the day. Every day before sleeping, make a habit of revising the topics you read on that same day.

in the weekly revisions, you need to decide one day of the week for revising the portion of the CA Intermediate syllabus that you have covered that week. While studying any topics, make a habit of pointing down the short notes and important points from there. And on the weekly revision days, go through those notes of all chapters and topics.

Lastly, during the monthly revision, you might need a week to divide the topics you covered into equal days of that week. Then cover all the chapters on the days whenever they have been assigned.

Do your Revisions Consistently

Revising only during the last phase of your preparation won’t help you. It is a process that has to be repeated throughout the preparation period. So, from the beginning to the end of your CA Intermediate preparation period, you need to keep on revising. And at last, after completing the CA Intermediate syllabus, keep the months saved for revisions only.

Revising from Personal Notes

Make a habit of preparing your own notes at the time of preparation. The notes that you prepare for yourself should be written by you as they will be easy to remember and follow. Similarly, every student has a unique way of making notes. So, personal notes make revising the CA Intermediate syllabus 2022 more successful.

Allocate Time for Revision of Each Subject

Whether the subject is tough or easy, you cannot skip the revision part in any of it. Revision is crucial for all the CA Inter subjects, so divide specific revisions periods for all chapters. You can also give more revision time to the challenging chapters and less to the easier ones.

Books for the Revisions

Revision time is precious, so do not plan any unnecessary things at that time. You must plan everything ahead of it. For the books for revisions, you need to get it all before the revision time begins. Else, if you sit and plan the books, half of your revision period will be wasted for no reason. So, get all the summary notes, practice papers, and all other study materials before the exam itself.

Start Revision from easier Section

You must begin your revision from the easier topics since this will help you to cover a major portion of the CA Intermediate syllabus in less time. This will also fill you up with lots of confidence to continue the further revisions. Also, you will get much time for revisions for the tough topics.

Some Useful Preparation Tips for CA Intermediate Students

Since we have already gone through some precious revision strategies, let us discuss some CA Intermediate preparation tips for the last 2-3 months before the exams. This phase is the most sensitive one, which must not be wasted and used to keep yourself motivated.

  • As you complete the CA Intermediate syllabus, quickly start attending the CA Intermediate mock test papers and evaluate the answers to check your progress.
  • Practice answer writing and time management for the CA Intermediate exams.
  • In the fear or nervousness of the, do not skip meals or sleep. Eat healthily and get enough sleep.
  • Do not panic during the last days of the exams since that will lead you to forget the important concepts.
  • Keep yourself calm and relaxed, do some breathing exercises or meditation.
  • Do not attend any functions or family events during this phase of your exam.

Therefore, these are the crucial tips that you can keep for the last days before the exam. Also, you should neither panic nor get overconfidence, stay normal, and carry on the revision part.

Now, there are 2 months left for the exams. We advise students to stick to the CA Intermediate preparation strategy that they have made for themselves. Also, keep in mind that you have to complete the syllabus early for revisions and practice.  


Therefore, these were some of the best revision strategies and tips for the CA Intermediate syllabus of the May 2022 exams. You need to be focused and calm as the exams are near. Do not get distracted by any sources such as social media, group chitchat, or games. Although you can use the online resources for revision, do not misuse them and browse unnecessary things. So, stay focused and abide by all the strategic plans that you prepare till you crack the CA Intermediate Exam.

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