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If you’re abroad and craving your traditional Pakistani clothes we are here to cater your every sort of need. Giving you a whole broad canvas for your imaginations and amazing fashion sense. Combining contemporary designs with folk material has always been a treat for us. We specialize in not only providing you breathtaking ensembles but in the fabric, we choose for these ensembles. Finesse and class speak through every Libas e Jamila vital and casuals. You just need to get your hands on our Pakistani clothes online collection, shalwar kameez range and our occasional luxury formal wears. You will definitely find whatever you are searching for.

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Flaunt Styles that are as Distinctive as you are

Shalwar kameez is itself a complete folk dress Asian widely and frequently used for their daily as well as occasion wear both in Pakistan and India. We have been providing you contrasting and diverse designs of shalwar kameez, short kameez with shalwar is never an old idea and so is a long-embroidered shirt with churidar and flared culottes. Mesmerizing chiffon dupattas with intimately adorned borders and Chatta of minute floral motifs make these attires accustomed. The most trending digital prints are also among our collections giving you all the ultra-chic look. Combining these digital printed crepe fabrics with the strokes of Asian impact will wrap you in a sultry wave of summers.

Clutch your cultural values with our accustemoryensemble

Customs and cultures never go in vain, they stay with our existence and become an almost intrinsic behaviour of ours and we take pride in carrying that culture with us. Many of us are not lucky to have been able to spend our lives in our native areas but Libas e Jamila will never leave you alone and aloof so that you feel even a little distant from your roots. Our conventional attires are our specialties and we sure take pride in assisting you to find your perfect piece.

Rave over the draping  Banarsisuit

Banarsi is known for ages for its elusive designs and delicately done heavy goldwork. The fabric itself has been done in Banaras India since the reign of Akbar the ruler and due to their affiliation with the throne, there lies a depiction of the Mughal empire in the designs still. You will notice the intertwining florals, alga and bel, foliate motifs and a string of upright leaves called jhallar at the edges of the border. These also have an amalgam of Persian designs as initially the craftsmen for this artistry were Muslims and the Mughal being lavishly fond of these fabrics made it a whole industry for the rest of this world which we still cherish.For More Information Visit

Taking all that heritage in ourselves Libas e Jamila offering you beautiful banarasi dupattas paired with our lusciously adorned outfits which will set your ethnic wardrobe on fire. Every dupatta has distinctly designed patterns and ques of its own manner making every piece very unique. The colour combos of plum banarsi and ferozibanarasi are an actual treat for your eyes. The dazzling shine of banarasi jacquard dupatta is paired with satin georgette shirt and tops with multi-coloured Resham embroidery.

Individuality at your ease

To ensure your individuality we have designed more than our customer needs just to cope up with the amaze of new fashion inclinations. You will definitely enjoy the wide range of our cultural dresses that are evergreen and timeless. Fashion and art are not territorial and we also aspire to promote these manifold cultures all over the world. All of these multifarious collections are thoroughly available on our online stores so just grab your darling piece right now.

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