Compare The Pair – What Else Is Better Than A Burger & Beer?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about food and beverage pairings? For me – it’s a beer and burger. Devouring the cheesiest burger while sipping down a cold beer is the best.

We often see this classic combination of beers and burgers at sporting events, get togethers and parties, and it never fails to impress.

But is that it? Is beer the only companion for a burger – No. There are a few beverages that are underrated, but delicious and that go well with a burger. The burger is one of those dishes that can go with almost any beverage or be eaten alone; a good burger instantly enhances the taste of anything we eat it with, be it drinks or sides.


Cocktails are usually paired with light foods or entrée dishes such as nachos, sushi, and tacos. Even desserts and chocolate taste amazing with cocktails.

What about a burger? The combination of a burger and cocktail is getting more popular these days. Still, some people are hesitant to try this combo, because they don’t want to stray from the classic combo of beer and burgers. If you haven’t tried a cocktail with your burger, then I highly recommend that you give it a good!


Milkshakes and burgers – this is a more common pairing eaten mainly by children and teenagers, who can’t have beer. However, the savoury burgers blend amazingly with the sweet milkshake.

A burger and a milkshake is one of the best combos, especially if you want to incorporate dessert into your meal without having multiple courses. It will satisfy your cravings in the best possible way. Among milkshakes flavours, chocolate and vanilla go hand in hand with burgers and are the way to go. However, this is ultimately up to you, as long as you try this amazing combination once!


Mocktails are great for when you want to have a nice drink, but you need to go back to work, or can’t drink at that moment. A mocktail is a great pairing with a burger, it doesn’t overpower the burger, but instead compliments it nicely.

Burgers have so much going on – the juicy beef, delicious veggies, pickles, and the melted cheese, with all of these flavours, a mocktail can calm the chaos.

Beers and burgers are undoubtedly one of the best pairings ever, but it’s always worth trying brand new pairings instead. Each combination has its own perks and unique tastes. If you are a restaurant owner, revamp your menu with a variety of beverages and make sure you get the best cheese ever for your burgers. As we know, cheese is the soul of a burger that brings together all the flavours. So, next time you are purchasing cheese slices for your restaurant, contact Pure Dairy. They sell the best cheese slices in Australia – be it the hi-melt, Swiss, or natural cheddar, they have got all. You can’t go wrong with the amazing taste of Pure Dairy burger cheese slices.


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