Conclusion on the OBD2 diagnostic device test

Further differences were evident in the operation: The larger devices with more buttons are much more comfortable and intuitive to use than those that are nice and compact but also reduced to a few buttons. Here you have to get used to it, the “big” ones make it easier for you. In addition, the quality of the error translation varies greatly. It is obvious that many providers use the same databases. If you are interested in incomprehensibility, you should keep your hands off China products

Here, an additional search query on the Internet is essential for the correct translation of most error codes. The only one that really shows the errors comprehensibly even for laymen is the diagnostic device from BGS.

If you really value a high selection depth, you have to put a few euros more on the table. Because only the semi-professional device from Launch was able to reliably detect all errors – in the test, however, it runs out of competition. Alternatively, of course, a visit to the workshop also helps. If the fault memory is only to be read out briefly in an emergency, the low-cost products are sufficient. But only one of the cheap test candidates can really convince in this test, the device from BGS. The rest is in the midfield or unfortunately below.

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What is important for OBD2 diagnostic devices? Exactly, the reading of errors. That’s why this was of course the main test point in the test. For this purpose, three cars (Audi RS4, VW T-Cross, Mercedes E-Class) were each provided with four errors. These include, for example, abs sensors removed, airbags unplugged or removed fuses. As a reference, a professional device, as it is also used in workshops, was used: All errors detected? Then it could start. In addition to the diagnosis, the operation, the range of functions and the qualitative impression were also evaluated.

Which is the best OBD2 diagnostic device?

The test winner in OBD2 diagnostic device test is the BGS error code diagnostic device 6648. The device also managed to find manufacturer-specific error codes. In addition, the errors were displayed in such a way that they can be understood by laymen.

Which OBD2 diagnostic devices are recommended?

The recommendation from OBD2 diagnostic device test is the test winner BGS Error Code Diagnostic Device 6648, which could also be chosen as the price-performance winner thanks to a price of 83.53 euros.

How much does an OBD2 diagnostic device cost?

In OBD2 diagnostic device test, the BGS fault code diagnostic device 6648 was chosen as the test winner. Thanks to a price of 83.53 euros, the BGS product was also able to secure the title “Price-Performance Winner”.

How does an OBD2 diagnostic device work?

All petrol engines registered from 2001 and diesel registered from 2004 onwards have an OBD2 interface. While previously each manufacturer had its own system, OBD2 is a universal connection to access the data of the error memory. The test winner in OBD2 diagnostic device test is the BGS error code diagnostic device 6648.

Which OBD2 diagnostic devices are available?

OBD2 adapters are now available in various versions either as a plug with the associated diagnostic device or in conjunction with a smartphone app. In OBD2 diagnostic device test, the BGS fault code diagnostic device 6648 emerged as the test winner.

BgS’s diagnostic device does a good job overall. It is the best (?) of the cheap products. It convinces the testers with a simple operation and good quality. Besides, it has one of the best error translations. While translation errors creep in on many devices, the BGS device outputs correct translations. For example, it is the only one of the low-cost devices to refer to “Fuel Pressure Sensor” in the defective rail pressure sensor of the E-Class. When reading out, like all devices, it had problems reading out the Audi control units. After all, the BGS was one of the few to recognize the ABS error and issued a corresponding error code. In addition, it was one of the few devices to point out the luminous MKL and at least gave a hint about it, although not an accurate fault diagnosis.

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