Contemporary Living Room Decor Ideas For The Wow Look!

One need not be a professional interior designer or an architect to design their own home. It just depends on your preferences and needs. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can come up with the best living room decor ideas that create an appealing look. Apart from this, you can also use ideas from various websites online to trigger your creative mind. A picture-perfect design starts from the layout of the room to wall decors and furniture. Everything has to be taken into consideration while designing your living room. Here are a few fascinating ideas that could make your living room look bright and cheerful. You can also check the Wakefit website to get some trendy furniture for your home.

Analyze the room’s dimensions:

It is essential to know your dimensions before you think of what kind of furniture to place in the room. It plays a major role in choosing the right kind of furniture. Leave enough walking space and use the rest of the space efficiently for your furniture. If you want to place shelves in the room but do not have enough space for them, use wall shelves. They give a modern and contemporary look to the room.

Nowadays most of us live in urban and compact homes where there are space constraints and furniture should be planned cleverly. Make a list of the furniture you require and where it’s going to be placed. Use up the space under the stairs for effective storage. 

Start with a focal point:

To give a contemporary look to the room, fix your sofa set first. Usually, the sofa set is considered as the focal point of the room. Anyone entering the room looks at the sofa set first. Therefore, fix a couch that is neat and sleek. You can try cushions with similar colors so that they don’t look too flashy. If you want a slightly different look, choose your curtains carefully to give a uniform look without displaying too much of a difference. Next, fix your couch at the center of the room opposite the TV unit.

Use sleek and thin furniture:

The contemporary style demands a sleek and subtle look. The legs of the sofa set should also look sleek and polished for better style and appearance. Sometimes coffee tables can be replaced by thin stools that allow you to place your teacups and also act as side tables. You can place a nice lamp or telephone on them to give a neat look. Apart from the furniture, incorporate indoor plants that give a greeny effect to the place. It could be any type of planters in natural fiber baskets to cool the room. Plants with large-sized leaves without flowers are considered the best option for contemporary furniture online. You can also mix up textures of natural materials for your clay pots and ensure they match your furniture too. 

Cut the clutter:

Clutter in any form can spoil the people of the room. You can manage the clutter by creating enough storage in the room. It could be the wardrobe under the stairs or wall shelves; it is most important to organize your stuff to make the room look neat. A room filled with unnecessary things and furniture will only spoil the look of the room. You can also opt for closed wall shelves to store items that you don’t want to display.

Use suitable carpets and rugs:

Carpets and rugs are the primary sources of creating a difference between contemporary and traditional looks. Choose plain carpets with soft fur for contemporary style. You can also opt for striped flooring and plain walls for a modern look. A glass centre table that allows you to see through it with a velvety carpet below can also look great to the eye. Use smaller similar rugs and dirt mats that match your furniture in the living room.

Add rare kinds of furniture:

Rare kinds of furniture are the ones which are unusual like the open wall shelves, bookshelves, glass tabletops, oval dining sets, etc. Open wall shelves look sleek and modern. You can place vases with your favorite plants in them to give a nice look to the room. Or just add some contemporary art pieces to the wall shelves that act as home decor to the room. Make sure these art pieces match your wall art and painting style. 

Another way to make your room look contemporary is by adding bookshelves to it. It gives a classy and elegant look to the room. You can either stack your books on open wall shelves in order to save floor space or go for a corner bookshelf to avoid disturbing the walking space in the room. Add sliding glass doors to the bookshelf to avoid dust and at the same time give a full view of the books stacked inside. Try using a coffee table with glass tops that give a decent look to the room. If you have your dining space attached to your living room, don’t forget to work on your dining table too. Choose a dining table that has thin legs for its tables and chairs to feel trendy and modern. 

Choose sectionals if you have to divide the room:

Sectional sofas are another brilliant way to make your room look classy and modern. The advantage of these sectionals is that they can be re-arranged in any format. In addition, you can re-arrange them from time to time. Generally, multipurpose furniture never goes out of trend. So using sectional sofas help you stay in trend always. It also helps you to divide the room into two sections without a partition wall.

Go in for subtle colors:

The main key to contemporary designs is the use of plain and subtle colors. Any form of furniture with mild textures and plain fabrics will adapt itself to the contemporary style. All you have to do is slightly work on the color combinations to make them look attractive. The color combinations should also not look flashy. Focus on minimalism and colors like navy blue, champagne orange, beige, white, brown, and charcoal for this style. 

The days of traditional brick and mortar shops are far behind; today, you can even order a sofa set online that matches your contemporary design requirements. So, plan your design well in advance before you go in for the purchase. 

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