Easy ideas for creating a stunning focal point in your garden

When it comes to gardening, sometimes you need that special bit of detail to bring the whole thing together. There are lots of ways you could go with this. From getting a few garden screens to building a water fountain, here are some easy ideas for creating a stunning focal point in your garden. 

Build a summer house 

If you have the space, a summerhouse can be an excellent focal point for your garden. The classical design of these buildings will make it look like you spent a whole lot more money than you actually did, and it also creates the perfect spot to sit out in privacy on those warm sunny days. Put some furniture inside, put up some drapes, have some chill-out music playing, and you have yourself an instant party.

Install some fence screens 

Fencing screens are a perfect way of dividing up your garden and giving you some privacy. These composite garden screens make a stunning focal point for any garden. They’re made from a wood-plastic blend that makes them incredibly low-maintenance whilst still adding that extra aesthetic spark. As well as that, they can be decorated with vines and flowers to really bring detail into your garden. Not only that, but fencing screens come in many different designs and styles and this makes them ideal if you want something unique in your yard.

Create a pathway 

A pathway is a perfect way to add a touch of class to your garden. You can use paving slabs or wooden decking. Whichever you choose, this focal point will draw the eye across the rest of your garden, adding interest and allowing you to add some display plants along with it for added effect.

Get some decorative pots 

Another great way to add detail and interest to your garden is to place decorative pots around. They’re a quick and easy way of adding some color without having to do too much work, and they also give that added touch of elegance. You can use them for any kind of plant – just be careful not to overcrowd it so it doesn’t lose its charm.

Build an arbor 

An arbor is pretty similar to a summer house, but it is placed differently. It can be used as a pergola over an outdoor seating area so you have the perfect place to relax and unwind with a cold glass of something on a warm sunny day, or to place a climbing plant or a small tree where it can grow and give you that added dimension.

Install a pond 

If you’ve got the space, a pond can be an incredibly stunning focal point for your garden. This is another one that will take up more time and money than some of the other options on this list – however, it will create a really unique feel to your yard which you won’t find anywhere else. 

If you’re considering putting in a pond, you should also consider getting some water lilies and other aquatic plants. This will add to the overall effect and really bring that added level of beauty to your yard.

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