Do Ultraviolet Air Purifiers Actually Work?

Ultraviolet air purifiers use the right amount of energy to break the organic bonds of molecules. There are two main systems available for home use. There is a portable unit that is used to purify the air in a single room. In addition, an entire house unit works with the air ducts in the house.

How do ultraviolet air purifiers actually work? When microorganisms pass through the UV rays, the rays cause them cellular or genetic damage. This destroys germs, bacteria, viruses and mold. These devices have been found to be very effective at cleaning the air in the home.

There are three ranges of ultraviolet wavelengths. Ultraviolet  Medical Grade Air Purifier use what is known as UV-C, which is short-wave and has been proven to be strong enough to damage the DNA of airborne microorganisms. Viruses do not have a protective cell wall, which is why they are easily destroyed by this method.

UV air purifiers must be cleaned regularly. If they are not cleaned, different types of fungus can accumulate. If moisture and dead insects accumulate in the filter, the filter could reproduce the exact microorganisms it is supposed to destroy.

Researchers have tried to solve this problem through the use of antimicrobial filters. However, this has produced mixed results. Another possibility is a medical UV light that is supposed to kill the microorganisms. UV air purifiers are not perfect, but they are effective nonetheless.

Further studies have found that ultraviolet Medical Air Purifier installed in the air duct systems of office buildings can reduce the number of respiratory symptoms reported by many office workers.

In conclusion, ultraviolet air purifiers can help reduce the number of harmful microorganisms in a home, but their effectiveness is still being debated.


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