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A rug is made of thick, heavy cloth material that comes in different colors and shapes. You can use this to decorate the floor of your house, gardens, sitting area, office, and other places. Rugs are smaller versions of carpets. So, you usually use this to cover a small area, unlike carpet, which covers the room’s whole area.

Jaipur, the architectural paradise of Rajasthan, is known for its hand-designed and hand-made rugs. Therefore, these rugs in Jaipur are visually stunning and good in quality. So, that makes these rugs perfect for decorating your room. Pink city is one of the top rug-selling cities all over the world.

Here we are going to discuss the different types of rugs in Rajasthan and the perfect way of choosing rugs: 

Different Types Of Rugs

You use this piece of heavy cloth to update the visual of your usual boring floor. It would help if you had different kinds for different areas. So, rugs in rugs in Jaipur come in many types. Here, we are going to find out about the different types of rugs:

Acrylic Rugs:

These kinds of rugs are easy to clean and hard-washing as well. This alternative to wool is cheaper than real wool. It sheds and fluffs less than wool and is easy to maintain. So, you can buy this kind of rug without any hesitation.

Polypropylene Rugs:

This synthetic fiber is also easy to maintain and hand wash. Therefore, it is better for high-footfall areas. Companies make soft rugs using this developed fiver. You can find this kind of rug with a fuzzy and fate wave design.

Viscose Rugs:

This rug is made of less durable fiber. So, It looks shiny and luxe. To get high-quality rugs in Jaipur, the companies blend this with wool. This is good for visuals but not for the areas where people gather mostly.

Cotton Rugs:

This less durable fiber comes in a flat and woven design. Polypropylene, jute, and other flat and woven fibers are more durable than this. However, this fiber is way softer compared to theirs.

Wool Rugs:

This rug fiber is extremely soft. This natural fiber is durable and very easy to wash. It has heat resistance. Therefore, it is the most popular fiber of rug material that you can use near the fireplace. This fiber from high altitude areas like mountains has a more durable quality.

Jute Rugs:

Jute is very sustainable and durable, and it is a natural fiber. You can use this fiber in high-traffic areas easily. 

Rugs Choosing Methods

Putting a rug with properly matching walls and interior can enhance the beauty of your room aesthetics exceedingly. You can also hang some beautiful rugs to enhance the viewing experience.

So, it would help if you had the perfect rug for every room of your house to make your room visually charming.

Therefore, you must follow these methods for choosing the perfect rugs for your home:

Considering The Room:

Different rooms have different aesthetics, so each room needs different rugs to match the visual. People usually gather in dining and kitchen areas more than in the living room or bedroom. Therefore, you need to choose durable rugs in Jaipur that stay longer and a darker shade that is easy to wash.

Considering The Size:

Do not guess; measure the room area, then buy the rug according to the measured size. After measuring the area, you must consider the dimensional view and then decide on the size. This is the best way to decide what will be a perfect size that enhances the room’s visual.

It would help if you hung your rug on that wall where it touches or goes under the furniture because the purpose of the hanging rug is to match the pattern or color with the aesthetic of your furniture. Hanging a rag on an empty wall does not add value; it looks plain and simple.

Considering the Shape:

There are no rules and regulations for using the usual rectangular rug. So, Use the shape that suits the space better. For example, use an oval or circular rug underneath the table if your table is oval or circular.

Considering The Color, Pattern, And Style:

It would help to consider the area’s vibe before choosing the rug. First, choose the color of the rug that compliments the color of the room and furniture. Then, choose a pattern that suits the aesthetics of your room. Finally, choose the size that goes well with other interiors. So, choosing rugs perfectly enhances the room’s charm that shows your taste.

So, this is how you must choose your perfect rug to amplify the room’s visual and impress the guests.


Rugs in Jaipur are visually stunning and durable as well. Therefore, choosing these rugs to decorate your room or rooms is perfect for enhancing the visual experience.

Many kinds of rugs suit certain conditions. You must follow the methods mentioned to choose the perfect types of rugs according to the area’s vibe.

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