Guide to Find the Perfect Face Cream

Are you still struggling with the process of finding a suitable face cream? Is your mind overwhelmed with the advertisements suggesting innumerable face creams and lotions that would solve your skin problems? With the market being overflowed with new beauty brands, customers find it extremely difficult to select the best product for their skin. However, to help you out in choosing the appropriateface cream for your face, we have compiled a few steps which might help you narrow down the perfect choice.

  • Determine your skin type

Every skin type is different and demands to be taken care of differently. Usually, there are four varieties of skin type. If you have oily skin, you probably suffer from the overproduction of sebum. However, oily skin doesn’t indicate excessive hydration. In the case of oily or dehydrated skin, you will see a dull & tough texture. A deep moisturising face cream will help avoid this situation.

Dry skin indicates lack of hydration and moisture; hence ensure the cream you choose has hydrating agents to get the best results.

Combination skin means experiencing features of oily and dry skin. Usually, in such cases, the T zone remains oily while your cheeks remain dry. There are specific products that are specially designed for combination skin. Try using them.

If your skin is neither oily nor dry, then that means you have normal skin. You don’t have to worry much about selecting the right face cream in that case.

  • Determine ingredients your skin is allergic to

The second step is to know the ingredients or products that cause adverse reactions on your skin and must be avoided. If you have sensitive skin, ensure to patch test any product before applying it to your face. Avoid creams containing synthetic fragrances, retinol astringent essential oils, silicone, etc.

  • Choose natural products

Buy herbal products as it is suitable for all skin types instead of chemical ones. Natural ingredients like cucumber, neem, aloe vera, water, coconut oil, etc., are essentially helpful for the skin. Usually, these substances don’t have severe reactions to our skin. If you are looking for a cream for skin whitening, check if it has Niacinamide acid, Glycolic acid, Vitamin C and such ingredients.

  • Check the texture of the face cream

Now that you are aware of your skin type and products you should and shouldn’t prefer, select the texture that works best on your skin. Make sure you feel comfortable after applying the face cream. See whether you prefer lightweight or heavy moisturisers. Also, check whether they give a protective mask-like texture.  If you are looking for a morning face cream, make sure it is easily absorbed into your skin and gives a smooth base for applying sunscreen or makeup.

By this time, you surely have picked up a few products that fulfil the criteria mentioned above. Now, choosing one out of them would be easier. Try applying it to your skin to see if it causes irritation or makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are buying a heavy moisturiser with active ingredients, make sure to conduct a patch test.

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