Hex Dumbbells: Types And Benefits

Therubber-encased hex dumbbells are a little different than other types of dumbbells. They do not spin or roll away easily on the floor. If you drop it down after performing a set of chest presses, the dumbbells won’t simply roll away. There are dumbbells with contoured handles which can be less beneficial compared to the rubberized one. Hex dumbbells serve other benefits too. This article will brief you about the types and benefits of the hex dumbbells.   

Types of dumbbells

There are different types of hex dumbbells. These dumbbells come in different weights and are suitable for beginners as well as intermediates.

Rubber hex dumbbells

The heads of rubberized hex dumbbells are coated with protective rubber that stabilizes its grip when placed or dropped on the floor. These dumbbells have a different odor which depletes gradually with time. These dumbbells are suitable for use in both home and commercial gyms. Its rubber coating makes it an ideal choice for fitness geeks. The ergonomic grip of these dumbbells eases your workout and prevents your dumbbells from rolling.

Cast iron hex dumbbells

This form of hex dumbbells is made of cast iron and is considered to be the most basic ones. The heads of this dumbbell are made up of a solid piece of cast iron and are available in gray paint coating or enamel finish. These dumbbells can be ergonomic or straight in shape.

Urethane hex dumbbells

Urethane dumbbells have better traits than rubber and iron. The heads of urethane dumbbells are coated with polyurethane that makes them more durable. The tear strength of the dumbbell is higher. The rubber-coating of the urethane hex dumbbells is impact-resistant and can not be torn easily. A one-time investment will serve you for a significant period of time.

These are different types of hex dumbbells to add to your gym. These dumbbells have various luring benefits. These dumbbells are versatile enough to be used for different exercises.

Long-term investment

The dumbbells are quite durable and you may not see any wear and tear for a significant period of time from the day of purchase.

Appearance and quality

The protective rubber coating makes the dumbbell appear appealing and the black color gives a quality look that nicely fits the rack of the gym. 

Stabilizes the motion

As stated above, these dumbbells do not roll away easily. This feature makes it different from other dumbbells. This does not irritate you nor the person sharing the fitness space with you.

Makes no noise

The pair of dumbbells do not produce disturbing sounds while dropping. You can finish performing a set of chest press, bench press, or any other exercise and drop it without worrying about the sound. This makes it feasible for home use. If you workout early in the morning then bumping sounds of dumbbells won’t wake up your housemates or neighbors.

What exercises can I do with hex dumbbells?

There are numerous exercises you can perform with these dumbbells. The dumbbells benefit both the upper body and the lower body. The exercises you can do with these dumbbells are as follows

  • Shoulder press
  • One-arm row
  • Bench press
  • Biceps curl
  • Goblet squat
  • Bent-over row
  • Dumbbell lunge
  • One-arm swing
  • Dumbbell push-ups     

If you are planning to add a versatile piece of equipment then hex dumbbells is an excellent choice. Dumbbells help you perform a lot of exercises. You can integrate cardio, strength training, weight loss and use the home fitness equipment to achieve your goals.

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