Coronavirus & Digital Agencies – How Businesses are Getting Affected by COVID-19

We all know how COVID-19 has changed us and our living behavior. WHO names this era as Pandemic, and we understand the reasons? The business community has been facing many issues. Here, we are not pointing out only the big brands, but small companies have also encountered major problems.

ZARA has closed its 12,000 Stores Worldwide. People have lost their jobs and do not have enough money to buy the quality food So How They Can Buy Expensive Clothing?

Digital agencies have also been affected by the Coronavirus. People work on remote jobs and join meetings. COVID-19 does not affect daily routine working, but it affects the revenue. Remote access monitoring with spyware for android can boost the productivity (we will discuss it in the last section). We can see a clear drop in the economy, and all are struggling to hit their peak again, which is not possible for now. 

How Digital Agencies Cut Off Expenses?

After some analysis, we got to know how digital agencies lose their employees due to low revenue. They have lost many projects and can’t go to the next step. 

Digital Marketing & COVID-19 – Statistics 

Approximately 20% of Marketers think that COVID-19 effects will last till the end of 2021.

68% of digital agencies have been reported that they have encountered a drop in annual revenue over the past few months. 

34% of digital companies have asked their client to increase the projects’ budget during the Pandemic. 

19% of digital agencies in the UK & USA expect more drop in the future due to Pandemic.

Build Your Strategy 

Being a marketer, it is crucial building a strategy to stand firmly in the market. 

During COVID-19, digital agencies require a plan to cut off expenses. How to build a strategy?

1 – What Is the Final Revenue?

2 – Check How Many Campaigns You Are Running & Pause the Some Which Are Not That Important for Now. 

3 – According to Your Revenue, Set Your Budget. 

4 – Focus on The Services That Are Demanding During COVID-19 Rather Than Paying Attention to Non-Beneficial.

5 – Conduct Surveys and Spend on Effective Marketing Periods.

Let’s Take an Example:

An Online Travel agency has faced all-time major problems during Pandemic because many countries have banned international flights. So, how to go?

Introduce your cheap pricing and plans to get the attention of the travelers. No matter how much people travel inside the country but “Something Is Better Than Nothing“, Right?

We have discussed building the strategy, but now, we will throw some light on employees working from home. Digital agencies have been shifted to home, and here, managers should keep a check on their staff. Spyware for android can solve this issue.

Download Spyware for Android & Monitor Employees

An employer can install the app in the work phones and get complete remote access. Such spy tools help to check how the employees talk to the clients with the call recording feature. Microphone surrounding feature allows the management to know how the employees discuss things with others. An employer can also access the social media profiles and stay up to date if any employee shares private info of the company online. Of course, competitors can steal ideas and ruin campaigns. 


We can’t say that COVID-19 has ended, but we expect more revenue drop at the end of 2021. Every digital agency has significant issues, but it depends on building a strategy to minimize the low-conversion rate. Employee monitoring is also crucial during Pandemic, which has become possible with the spyware for android. TheWiSpy offers special offers to monitor the target device with advanced features. 


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