How Can a Gynaecologist be of Great Help?

The work of Gynaecologist is always extremely crucial at the time of giving birth. But how many of you do go to your gynaecologist other than the time of pregnancy? It could interest you that everybody should visit Gynaecologists quite often. Just because you are not going through the time of pregnancy, it does not mean you need not to visit one.

When you begin to explore the options, you can easily get even the assistance of the best gynecologist in hyderabad. It has been seen that a general notion associated with gynaecologists is that a lady just requires to consult them at the time of pregnancy. Other than pregnancy most of the women seek help of a family physician or a general practitioner while dealing with certain female matters. But what is crucial to be understood here is that gynaecological matters are manifold and not just restricted to the duration of pregnancy and post-delivery wellbeing.

 Why is it a must to visit a gynaecologist?

Well, a family doctor or a general practitioner could be in a position to treat the matters symptomatically but could or could not get to depth of an issue. Here, a thorough conversation, needed tests mingled with the right treatment and diagnosis done by an experienced gynaecologist may assess your health status completely. So, here are some points given below that denote the cruciality of visiting your gynaecologist quite often:

  • If you are going through some abnormalities in menstrual bleeding, then you should definitely get alert. Irregular uterine bleeding in times of adolescent, your reproductive years or in case you see bleeding during post menopause, it may mean a host of crucial conditions. It could be a sign of ovarian cysts, infection associated to pelvic, fibroids endometriosis or even that of worse a signal that say presence of polyps in the uterus. These signs can be too dangerous if go unattended.
  • If you undergo any of the below given instances, you should visit a Gynaecologist instantly:
    • Feeling of having a lump in the breast
    • Having more than usual discomfort in breasts during time of periods
    • Any sort of discharge from breasts

If you confront any of these signs, just rush to a gynaecologist to get it checked and recognized. In case such things stay unattended, they even turn out to be deadly. 

  • You also should be careful in following cases:
    • A rare pelvic pain or restlessness
    • Intense menstrual cramps experienced in your abdomen and lower back
    • Abdominal suffering after doing sexual intercourse
    • Pain along with presence of lump in your abdomen 
    • Extensive pelvic or abdominal pain during the menstruation or sexual intercourse

Any such abdominal pain can indicate a variety of tensions like a tumour, fibroids also ovarian cysts. So, in such instance , it is better to be certain with the doctor than to feel apologetic later on.


So,  you consult your gynecologist in hyderabad or in your area and make sure that you are healthy and fit.


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