How Does Astrology Work?

Astrology has always been a subject of debate. There are the believers, and then there are non-believers. The scientific community rejects astrology as a science and puts it in the category of pseudoscience. Pseudoscience refers to a set of practices and beliefs incorrectly regarded as based on empirical and scientific foundations.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a system or set of beliefs that says – there is a relationship between the movement, the alignment and position of the celestial bodies, the planets and their stars, and the events that are to do with personal human lives on earth. 

The relationship between the stars and planets and human lives is what astrology is composed of. However, regarding working, the divide between the believers and the non-believers arises. If we go with the scientific side, astrology does not work, so the question of how does not arise.

On the other hand for the believers, astrology works and affects our lives, the signs of which can be seen in the movement, the alignment and position of the stars and planets.

Since we already know what the science community has to say about astrology, let us explore the other side of the story.

Looking at the sky for signs for Years

Astrology is not a subject that just came up yesterday. It has been there for thousands of years and has survived till this day. So it is just something to be dismissed, based on it not meeting the requirements of scientific experimentation. It has endured all these years, and there is a reason.

Western culture goes back to the Mesopotamian civilization, the Mayan and on the eastern side, the Indian Vedic age, and the Chinese Zhou Dynasty. So as the saying goes, ‘there is no smoke with the fire.”

According to the believers in astrology, endurance and survival and the revival of astrology in recent decades speak volumes. There may be more about astrology still being out of grasp, like most things that are out of scientific understanding.

Kinds of Astrology

So to get a better understanding of how astrology works, we have to look at the different kinds of astrology. There are altogether six different types of astrology, and the list is as follows –

Natal Astrology

Natal astrology is the most basic form of astrology, and the one people are most familiar with. This form of astrology is based on your chart representing the observable universe’s appearance and the placement and alignment of the stars and the planets at the place and time of your birth. This chart helps an astrologer, maybe an astrologer in New York, regardless of where and who the astrologer is, gain an insight into the traits and personality of a person.

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology and the least practiced. It is a specialized form of astrology to help you find an answer to a particular question. As per its working, the astrologer, based on the location and the time the question was asked, forms a chart, and reading the chart will give a yes or no answer.

Electional Astrology

Sometimes referred to as ‘event astrology .’ This form of astrology is mainly used to pick out the best date and time for an event like marriage, naming a newborn etc. The astrologer narrows the exact time for the event based on the position and alignment of the stars and the planets.

Mundane Astrology

This form of astrology is used to predict global events and affairs. Astrologers who practice the Mundane form of astrology are mostly historians looking back and studying the cycles. And more often than not, history tends to repeat itself. By studying the cycles of major events of the past and the corresponding movement of the star and the planets during that time, the astrologer makes global events and affairs predictions.

Medical Astrology

This form of astrology is also one of the oldest. The many diseases and body parts are associated with the different planets and your zodiac sign. For medical astrology, the astrologer uses your natal chart to ascertain the different kinds of medical conditions that you may have. As interesting as the subject of medical astrology seems, it is always prudent to check with a doctor or a medical practitioner when it comes to medical issues.

Relationship Astrology

This form of astrology closely resembles natal astrology. In relationship astrology, the astrologer in California looks at the birth chart of two people and how the planets and stars line up when two charts are placed one on top of the other. The type of astrology is performed to look at the compatibility of two people and whether they make a perfect match for each other.


The overall validity of astrology and how it works all comes down to one’s belief or disbelief. It is a free world, and as an individual, one is entitled to believe or not believe in whatever one chooses as long as it is not causing any harm to another person. If believing in astrological readings makes you feel better and provides a sense of security and peace, why not. Just make sure your astrologer is credible and a professional, whose credentials can be verified.


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