How Long Distance Moving Is Different From Other Moving Types

There are many moving companies which provide the services of moving and storage in Boston. The connection of moving companies with the storage units is very unique, but not necessary. There are many moving companies which do not assist the storage units and there are some moving companies who provide the storage units of every size.

In this article we will discuss the moving and storage in Boston.

Moving companies provide many services such as

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Storage
  • Piano moving
  • Closet moving etc.

But have you ever notice that why only moving and storage is highlighted, why people think that packing services form the moving companies is a waste of money, why people are divided in this matter. So the answer is simple, people have different opinions because they follow different business models. There are two types of people one who follows others and the second group who thinks from their own mind and then take decision to think of what to do and what not to do. The first category has two sub categories the ones who blindly follows other and the one who have experience something bad and starting following the ones who are the opposite side.

As mentioned above moving contains so many services but here we will only discuss about the storage and the security of the storage facility

Security of the storage facility:

There are many companies who provide the storage services but few of them have good and reliable security systems of their storage areas. You need to check everything before hiring the moving company for the storage unit as well because people think that there are chances of theft at the storage units so you need to check for the security measure of the company which you are hiring for your moving and storage problems.

moving and storage Boston
moving and storage Boston


CCTV is a very common and widely used method of keeping an eye on anything which is important for you. Many home owner have installed camera in their houses so that they can watch the activities same is the case with storage services. If the company said to you that they have CCTV cameras all across the storage area do not rush to the conclusion and hire them because there are so many other methods also to protect the storage area from theft. You need to take those into consideration as well. For example if you have rented the storage unit so you are the only person who is authorized to use the keys of the storage unit.

Another very important thing to ask is the availability of the visiting hours. You have rented the storage units but you have to follow the rules of the company, if they have the policy to close  storage unit at 12AM then you are the one who need to follow the policy because it is important for the safety of  your storage unit, but if the moving company is providing he 24/7 visiting services then there are no restriction, but 24/7 visiting services require some other things as well, they need 2 times more security measures, they also need to hire staff for 2 shifts so that’s why they prefer closing storage units at the maximum of 12AM.

There are many type of storage units and the security of the storage unit doesn’t apply on the size of the storage unit. Moving companies have to provide same security measures to all of the storage sizes.

There are many movers in san jose who also provide the services of cleaning the storage unit but it needs your approval because the worker has to go inside the storage unit and have to clean your unit on weekly of bi-weekly basis. But this is not recommend by the experts because you never know at which hour the worker will do damage to your stuff so it is better nor to avail this service is the moving company is offering.

Apart from the moving companies and their storage services are a safe option to choose for the better and stress free moving. There are many moving companies which also provide the facility of storage units. They have all types and all sizes of storage units including the climate friendly storage units in which there is no need to adjust the temperature they will automatically adjust their temperature according to climate outside.

East coast Boston Movers is a moving company which provide the moving services as well as storage services. All you have to do is to visit their website and book your moving dates and ask for the storage unit availability and they will provide you all of the information regarding the availability of the storage units.

Maritna Hale

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