How Smartphones Have Become Smarter

The smartphone is one of the most influential electronic devices in the world. Today, it can perform a wide range of healthcare, business, entertainment, and virtual communication functions. In short, we cannot merely think of a day without our phones.

The smartphone was not so smart a decade back. It has covered an exemplary journey marked by continuous research, innovation, and aggressive marketing. Today, the smartphone revolution has reached its pinnacle, but it is worth analyzing the modern smartphone journey from a simple communication device to an AI-driven platform. Today you get the best mobiles under 12000. Thanks to technology and the innovative approach of smartphone manufacturers, you can use the best mobile phone today.

Some of the most significant developments are

Camera – The first camera phones were equipped with VGA cameras. They captured very low-quality images, which the users thoroughly appreciated. Today, we enjoy impeccable picture clarity with modern smartphones. Today, you can purchase a 48 MP camera below Rs 12000. The integration of cameras is another significant improvement in the evolutionary process of smartphone photography. Today, the latest phones capture images using multiple cameras and process them with advanced AI-driven sensors.

Battery – The 4000 mAh will soon become obsolete. The 6000 mAh battery will become the standard powerhouse for modern smartphones. The first era of smartphones saw very low power batteries. The gradual enhancement of the phone’s data processing capability forced mobile scientists to empower the battery. Today, modern phone batteries are designed to save energy and provide maximum efficiency to a smartphone.

Design – The latest smartphones are sleek, lightweight, and attractive. You have the liberty to choose between multiple colors. High-quality scratch-proof Gorilla glasses protect the screens. The modern phone designs have reduced the overall weight of the device. Hence, a modern smartphone is sleek and easy to carry.

Price – You can buy a good smartphone at a low price. This cost advantage was unavailable a few years back. Today, competition is stiff, and phone manufacturers are competing for the low-price segment. In a country like India, low-budget phones have the highest market demand. Enjoy the best mobile phone at a pocket-friendly price.

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Gaming – Do you remember the days when Snake used to be a viral phone game? Today, a smartphone allows you to play some of the most detailed games like Pubg. The modern gaming interface renders a high-quality output for gamers. You will enjoy spectacular graphics, sound quality, and screen refresh rate. A new benchmark of performance is set by a mobile handset every year. The year 2021 will see multiple gaming handsets that offer a spectacular end-user experience.

In 2021, you can buy some of the best mobiles under 12000. The best mobile phone handsets are now cheaper, smarter, and lighter. Post-2021, smartphone development will enter a new era where Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing will transform the smartphone into an autonomous platform. Till then, you can enjoy the best smartphones available in the market.

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