How To Make Your Speech Exciting and Memorable

To become an influential speaker, you need to stop making things fake and trying to show unrealistic things to listeners. In other words, we can say that you will become a remarkable speaker when you stop trying to become remarkable. The only thing that you should focus on is the points you want to share and deliver that will make your speech powerful and enthusiastic while you will be able to convey all your thoughts to the audience. Public speaking courses in UAE will teach all these essential points of having an influential presentation.

Add facts and figures to your speech

When you discuss a piece of factual information in your speech the listener will try to figure it out and this will remain memorable and stick to their minds. When you share exciting information about a story or a historic moment it will capture more interest of people in your speech.

Dopamine level

There is a brain chemical neurotransmitter that release when the listener came to know exciting information. It is associated with the brain’s reaction to some interesting or new information. This increase in dopamine level will develop more interest in the discussion or presentations.

Drama class Dubai and public speaking courses in UAE emphasize the listener’s engagement and interest. So, they teach the public speakers to add interesting information that will increase the dopamine level of the listener and eventually make your speech memorable. So, if you want to deliver a remarkable speech you need to motivate the interest of the public.

Have fun in your words

It is your own choice how effective a speaker you would like to become apart from creating interesting facts. You can deliver your worlds in a unique and entertaining manner. There are certain traditional norms of setting the speech or the start of your speech, but if you adopt a new creative way to start your conversation it would definitely engage people’s interest.

You should ask yourself that what if I deliver a short speech instead of a long controversial conversation? What entertaining method I should adopt to make my speech memorable? What if I introduce an informal way of starting my speech? Should I invite the audience to come and take part in the discussion?

Address burning issues

Always remember that the people will follow you when you address their issues and concerns. To make your speech a lifetime experience for listeners, you should highlight the burning issues of society and public concerns. It is not about gathering a purposeless mob but having an intended discussion to make the listener’s life somehow easier.


You need to remain a step forward in order to make your speech effective. Public speaking courses in UAE will teach you how to add some sort of exciting details and events into your speech to engage the listener’s interest. You can achieve maximum output from the audience when they are stimulated by the presented facts that you will be able to learn in a drama class Dubai.

Maritna Hale

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