How to organize your best birthday?

How to organize your best birthday: Is it your birthday soon and would you like to celebrate this but you don’t know where to start? Don’t panic, read this blog carefully, and have a carefree and unforgettable birthday!

1. Plan your birthday well in advance

Make sure to announce your birthday well in advance. You can create a Whatsapp group with all your friends and announce how many days until my birthday, so you all are invited, This way you have more certainty that all guests can come and you have plenty of time to prepare your birthday properly. Good preparation is half the battle!

2. Create Invitations

Have you set the date of your birthday? Then it’s time to make the best invitations. This can be done in various ways, namely via a beautiful card or sending a message. However, an invitation card has more impact. Your friends and family will love this extra and keep the invitation until your birthday.

The following information is important for an invitation: the date, address, and start time. You can also add any birthday wishes to the invitation. And don’t forget to mention how old you are getting!

At you can make the most beautiful birthday invitations yourself. You choose the shape of the card and a design, and easily add your festive photo. You can also write the text on the cards in advance. Then it is a matter of ordering and then handing them out or sending them. You have a super original and personal invitation. How nice is that?

3. Check if all guests are coming

Is your birthday getting closer? Then it is now time to check who will definitely come and adjust the day accordingly. Send a message to the people with the time, date, and address and see if anybody just wishes you by sharing happy birthday images,  birthday Shayari means they may not come, and you can plan everything according to it. 

4. Make it cozy

Of course, garlands are part of a party! Do you want something different than those blue-red-green-yellow garlands? Then make the nicest garlands yourself with photos and text. This is how it really is your party! And of course, you can use them every year during your parties.

Provide each guest with a nice welcome drink upon arrival. Also, light some candles, play a nice playlist, and make sure all your guests are comfortable.

A party also includes good food. So make sure you have a delicious cake or put a nice serving board on the table. No serving board at home? 

Are you going to eat together? Then make placemats with a photo of your guests. Festive, self-designed labels for the bottles also give an extra atmosphere to your birthday party.

5. Take a lot of pictures

Don’t forget to take pictures on this special day. Take photos as you blow out the candles on the cake and have your picture taken with each guest. This way you have lasting memories of this fun and special day! Then have the photo printed on fun photo strips. Or go for these cool retro photos, here you can add nice text at the bottom of the photo.

6. Give something nice or tasty afterward

Thank your guests for the nice afternoon/evening and give them something nice or tasty. So the party continues at their home. For example, you can give them a nice soap. You can also make a personal bag with some goodies. For example, fill the bags with homemade cookies or some tasty, colorful candies. This way they will continue to enjoy this fun day for a while!

Gift inspiration for your birthday

Do you still need gift inspiration, take a look at the following nice gifts.

Playing cards with photo

You will never get bored with playing cards thanks to the wide variety of games you can play. Each color is personalized with a photo, just like the farmer, woman, and lord. You will have hours of fun with this!

Wooden keychain with photo

Never lose your key again and always carry that nice memory with you. The key ring made of wood is made of maple and therefore extra stylish on your bunch of keys.

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