How To Successfully Run A Cafeteria In Dubai?

Cafeteria In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Middle East. Investment funds from all around the world are searching for ways to penetrate the UAE market. In recent years, the restaurant industry, in particular, has witnessed significant growth.

Yet providing another capital to expand in the food and beverage industry in that country. Customers have come from every continent on the planet to visit Dubai.  It is best to set up a company in UAE  because the government is supportive and offers better opportunities. 

Things To Keep In Mind For Successful Cafeteria In Dubai

There are some steps to take before you formally open a restaurant in Dubai.

  • Opening a cafeteria, make sure you have a proper food and trade license

Securing your food and trade licenses is a crucial step in opening a company in Dubai. Your Food License will be issued from the Department of Food and Safety, while your trade license must be obtained from the Department of Economic Development and Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

If you want to sell something extra in your market, you can apply for a distribution permit, a liquor permit, a work permit, a Ramadan permit, and other special licenses.

As you might have guessed, obtaining a license is an essential aspect of the operation. It’s important to finish the procedures correctly. On schedule so that you can open your restaurant or cafeteria as soon as possible. Inadequate or incomplete filing. Renewal of your food and trade license will result in legal fines and the failure of your company.

Getting the company off the ground necessitates securing the requisite permits. Then maintaining adequate records with the appropriate authority. Since the rules for opening a restaurant in Dubai are often different from those in Europe and America, it is worthwhile to obtain technical advice from someone who has worked in the area for some time.

  • Create a business plan

A qualified business strategy should have the following four sections:

  1. Set concrete objectives for your cafeteria or restaurant.
  2. Assess that every dollar of your capital investment is put to the best possible use in order to maximize your restaurant’s earnings.
  3. Get a plan in place to deal with the inevitability of the unexpected.
  4. If you advance in the industry, protect your company and name.
  • Choose the Best Location for You

Any cafe’s ultimate performance is determined by its location. Spend more time in the fields you’re contemplating before making a decision. Have an eye out for the number of people walking around and about the space availability. Is the position sufficiently visible? Is there enough foot traffic to keep the café afloat? In terms of demographics, what does the position mean?

What kinds of activities does the local population enjoy? Do you have a lot of other cafés nearby or do you have your own little side street? Keep in mind that you’ll be spending a lot of time here, so you’ll want to make sure you know what makes the locals tick. It’s also essential to consider the provisions of the retail lease; the terms of this document would have an effect on the business’s productivity and resale value.

  • Add character to your cafeteria by designing it

Your café’s architecture is important for retaining visitors and luring them in. Your idea would be heavily influenced by your target audience. Will it be contemporary? Are you sophisticated? Is it suitable for children? Health-related? Recognize your customers’ preferences and plan your café accordingly.

Again,  you don’t have to satisfy everyone. Sticking to one theme would result in a much better identity. Consider the architecture of the storefront, the signs, the decor, and the lighting. Examine the layout’s quality from the standpoint of both employees and customers. Is the barista capable of working methodically in the available space?

Is your team able to move easily through the room? When customers walk into your coffee shop, can they understand how to order? It’s understandable that employing a licensed interior designer is costly, but it will help tie everything together. A pleasant ambiance and a smooth workflow are essential, and a skilled designer will make all the difference.

  • Hiring the right people is important

Ask every seasoned cafe owner what their biggest challenge is, and they’ll tell you it’s hiring and retaining fantastic employees. It’s logical because most people begin by searching for seasoned employees. But there is one thing that overrules experience: mentality. Skills can be taught, but attitudes are more difficult to change.

After all, designing a fantastic team culture requires hiring the right people, so make sure you put in the effort to find the right people for your company. You need to assist employees with barista skills and process preparation with a successful induction and training scheme. When it comes to hiring, you must be mindful of the applicable award scheme, as well as tax and other regulatory criteria.


Cafeterias are a difficult company to start because there is so much competition, but with the right amount of preparation and implementation, opening and operating a cafeteria in Dubai can be a highly profitable enterprise. There are a lot of developers interested in this market, so if you’ve always wanted to open a cafeteria, now may be the moment.

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