How You Can Improve Male Fertility with Exercise and Diet

Male infertility has been increasing due to a plethora of reasons. Male infertility is when a male cannot make their female partner pregnant. Infertility is more common than you think. With the advancement in fertility treatment, one need not worry about their infertility.

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But it is also essential to maintain one’s health and fertility by following a healthy lifestyle. Healthy sperm will lead to healthy fertility. Quantity, movement and structure are three significant factors determining how healthy sperm is. Quantity refers to how much sperm is released during ejaculation; the bigger, the better. Movement or motility refers to the swimming movement of sperm which determines it reaches the ovary and the eggs quickly. And finally, structure or morphology refers to the accurate oval head and long tail of the sperm, which helps it move.

What Makes Sperm Healthy?

  • We are maintaining a healthy diet.
  • It is maintaining one’s weight.
  • Managing stress and mental health
  • Preventing STI

Exercise and diet are said to be significant contributors to male fertility. But how true is this? And to what extent?


Obesity is a significant contributor to the poor quality and quantity of sperm. To fight obesity, one must realize the importance of maintaining a proper and healthy weight. Exercise is an essential factor that can help in increasing the quality of sperm. Not only fertility but exercise can also help decrease the chance of cardiovascular diseases in men, which is a leading cause of death in later life.

Studies that Compare Semen and Physical Activity:

One study measured the serum testosterone level of obese and overweight men during physical activity and found that serum testosterone levels increased after physical activity. The group was divided into two, with one team having higher physical activity than the other. The higher physical activity group had higher serum testosterone levels. This proves that physical activities can increase testosterone levels. They provided a lifestyle modification for the men involved in the study who is struggling with overweight and obesity.

Another study did a comparative measurement of serum testosterone and growth hormone in a group of master athletes and a sedentary control group. They checked the effect of regular exercise on men. They found that growth hormone and testosterone levels were significantly higher in the master athlete group compared to the sedentary control group. A similar study noted the differences in the sperm parameters of physically active men with a sedentary lifestyle. The sperm parameters are volume, sperm count, morphology and motility. The result was that physically active men had healthier sperm production, with the sperm parameters all showing a healthy amount and strength.

How much is Healthy?

All this is to say how much exercise can affect men’s reproductive health. But there is also evidence that too much exercise can lower testosterone levels. It is also essential to know that while some exercises positively correlate to semen production, some exercises can affect sperm parameters badly. One study found that while sperm production is higher in physically active men, it does not contribute to a positive outcome in infertility treatment or live birth rates.[1]. Bicycling, specifically, was found to decrease sperm production. The study concludes that while outdoor and weightlifting activities increased sperm production, bicycling decreased it.[2]. Also, this positive correlation between physical activity and sperm health did not translate to reproductive success.[3]. How much and what type of exercise affects men’s fertility is clear.


A healthy diet is also said to affect sperm production in men. However, the quality of semen can vary according to the nutrition one has. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine looks at diet and nutritional factors in male infertility. High intake of red and processed meat, sugar and sweet drinks, along with junk food and poor intake of vegetables and fruits, affects the sperm quantity and quality. Missing meals, not having proper antioxidants and having high energy density are observed in infertile men.

The recommended diet by the study is a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, seafood, fish, legumes, fibre-rich food, and nuts and seeds.[4].


Avoiding an unhealthy lifestyle is a primary factor in weight and health problems. Smoking, drinking, and drug abuse can affect the sexual health of men negatively. Taking care of one’s mental health and regular physical check-ups can help negate physical and mental stress.

Regular, moderate exercise and a healthy diet can help increase men’s fertility. However, it is essential to realize that too much of anything can be bad, whether exercise or dietary restrictions. Moderation is key in health. Everything should be taken at a moderate level.

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