Common Myths That HR Services Providers Commonly Have to Address

HR outsourcing has become a part of the routine functions for many companies operating in different industries. HR services providers allow companies to outsource time-consuming and complex HR functions. An HR outsourcing company such as HR Options can partner with your business and work closely with you to manage your HR matters with precision and detail. With that being said, since HR outsourcing is a relatively new concept for some industries, some myths and misconceptions are surrounding it. HR outsourcing companies often have to address these myths and clear up common misconceptions. So if you have heard some myths about HR outsourcing that you want to verify, then this article might be of help, and we suggest you read on.

Myth #1 Cost of hiring outsourced workforce solutions is exceptionally high

One common myth about outsourced workforce solutions is that they are incredibly costly to hire. While there is a cost associated with outsourcing HR, it is not nearly as high as hiring a full-time HR team since you only pay for the services you need. Not to mention you can adjust the frequency of the HR administrative tasks, so you only have to pay for the occasional HR support you need on a weekly or biweekly basis. On top of that, an HR outsourcing firm can mold their services according to your budget, so you get the most bang for your buck. Besides, you can find real-world testimonials of companies that have saved thousands of dollars each month by outsourcing HR. So the myth about HR outsourcing being an expensive process is a misleading misconception that keeps companies from reaping the fruit of HR outsourcing.

Myth #2 HR outsourcing companies only handle administrative tasks

Another common myth about HR outsourcing is that you can only outsource trivial HR functions such as payroll, employee benefits administration, and record-keeping. However, that can’t be further from the truth because you can outsource essential HR functions that have strategic importance, such as hiring, employee relations, compliance, employee training, performance management, organizational culture, and employee support, to name a few. So the myth about HR outsourcing being limited to simple administrative functions is entirely false. Your HR outsourcing partner can integrate themselves into your organization and help you with strategic and tactical matters.

Myth #3 HR outsourcing is a standard service that is not customizable

Many companies and decision-makers think that HR outsourcing is offered as a standardized service, and you can’t get custom-tailored HR outsourcing services. However, the truth is that HR outsourcing companies study your organization in-depth and then create a customized plan that fits your needs. Since each organization is different in terms of budget, HR needs, size and complexity. So a standardized solution wouldn’t work for every company. Therefore you can easily find customized HR outsourcing solutions for your organization. On the other hand, you can go with standardized services if you think they are the best fit for your organizational needs. You can even find HR services that offerremote services online and in-person consultancy to meet your needs.

Myth #4 Hiring an HR outsourcing firm means you have to fire your in-house HR team

HR outsourcing originated to assist by taking some of the HR functions off of the shoulders of the in-house team. The truth of the matter is HR is a vast field, and many different parts fall under the umbrella of HR. A small HR team can’t manage all the responsibilities in-house. And outsourcing firms allow in-house HR teams to outsource functions that they find challenging or don’t have time to handle. So the myth that HR outsourcing means you don’t need an in-house HR team is a complete lie because you can have both simultaneously.

Now that you know the truth about common HR outsourcing myths, you can look up workforce solutions near me.


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