Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems will help streamline production processes and increase productivity – could this system be right for your production plant?

Human Machine Interface (HMI) refers to the reciprocal relationships between operator and machine that allow for improved efficiency of operations through a combination of human and automatic skills. HMI software allows the operator to dictate and manage process control machinery via an accessible computer-based user interface that can be taught and replicated over a project. It encompasses both the supervisory level use, as well as machine level use and both are paramount to streamlining output at your production plant. 

Below is a list of the benefits of HMI processes that commonly feature in production plants at the industrial level and why you may consider a reputable manufacturer to supply it to you.

Automation is replicable

A key component in automation is its user-friendliness and replicability. DRYSYS are an industry-leader in design, research and development allowing for the optimisation of industrial air systems, ovens, and paint finishing. They have earned their reputation with a savvy adoption of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) that ascertains and disseminates data throughout different touchpoints of your manufacturing plant or warehouse. 

Typically characterised by touch screen interfaces, production line needs can be met effectively as the combination of human operation and streamlined accessibility allow for quicker production whilst simultaneously complying with regulatory standards to ensure staff safety is ongoing. This is because the technology allows for centralised monitoring and recording which is key to replicating efficiency across different projects.

Training new staff is easy

Optimising the relationship between operator and machine will vary from project to project and from plant to plant. This is why it’s important to deal with a reputable and industry leader experienced in training, calibration and post-sales support across a wide variety of projects. This has led to DRYSYS repeatedly reducing scope creep of upcoming projects as well as the training time for new staff.  

DRYSYS provide on-request training to your team and comprehensively cover operation, repair, maintenance and supervision of machinery. Their glowing reputation is built on referrals and word of mouth as they have made a name for themselves for always keeping pace with compliance and regulation whilst delivering unrivalled training for their innovative equipment. 

Bespoke design

When looking at your machinery, no one design is the same. To ensure the enhancement of product flow, manufacturing, cleaning protocols and arrangement of personnel, DRYSYS have made it their business to fit your machinery with the specifications that will allow for better operations. The technical nous to ensure the correct humidity, temperature and process heat loads is what each prospective client must consider when shopping the market for machinery like industrial ovens. The HMI involved here allows for the automation and integration of supervisory control processes that can continue to exceed your production targets over a long period of time.

The takeaway

HMI is meant to improve the efficiency of operations by combining human skills with machine efficiencies. It is not intended to replace workers but instead optimise their skills in an area that will put them to best use and help work-flow across multiple different projects. Whether these projects include industrial oven or industrial air systems, DRYSYS embody cutting edge innovation that can tailor the best machinery to help bolster your production plant for years to come.


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