If You Own A Restaurant Making Your Own Cheese Curds Isn’t Even An Option – But Why Would You Even, Try When You Can Get The Best From Pure Dairy.

Cheese curds have replaced many not-so-healthy options in restaurant dishes – such as French fries and chips. Cheese curds are a healthier option, for those customers, who prefer to watch what they are eating.

Even though we associate cheese curds with poutine, the use of cheese curds not limited to poutine; we now see cheese curds all over menus. Many restaurant owners struggle if they try to make fresh cheese curds for their customers, and this is because they are a biproducts of the cheddar making process, which is complicated and messy.

So, really making cheese curds at your restaurant is not an option, and why would it be when you can easily purchase cheese curds from Pure Dairy.

Fresh cheese curds from Pure Dairy are directly sourced from Wisconsin. These cheese curds do not have any nasty additives and preservatives that degrade the quality of the cheese curds.

Reasons Why You Should Not Try Making Cheese Curds at Your Restaurant

Making cheese curds is very tricky, but here are the reasons why making cheese curds is not worth it anyway:

Many ingredients and Equipment

To make cheese curds, a lot of ingredients and equipment are required. Steel pots, thermometer, ladle, spatula, knife, colander, zip lock bag, and cutting board are the equipment needed to make cheese curds.

Talking about the ingredients – milk, buttermilk, calcium chloride, and rennet are to name a few. When working with so many ingredients, you have to be careful – a minor miss will lead to wastage of ingredients and time.

Difficult To Preserve the Squeak

A cheese curds’ squeak is one of the prominent features of cheese curds because cheese curds are also called ‘squeaky cheese’. The squeak of the cheese curds only lasts for 24 hours.

So, how does store-bought cheese curds help? The cheese curds purchased from a high-quality seller such as Pure Dairy uses techniques like IQF for packaging – this allows the cheese curds to retain the freshness, original texture, and even nutrition.


Cheese Curd making is costly – from purchasing ingredients to equipment, you have to invest quite a lot of money. So, it is much easier and more cost efficient to instead invest that money into buying good quality cheese curds.


Making cheese curds is way too time-consuming, especially if you have to prepare all the other restaurant foods.

You would not want to upset your customer by not giving them good quality food on time. When you are invested in preparing cheese curds, you may not give attention to other dishes. So instead, get in touch with Pure Dairy and they will give you the details on how you can get your hands on the best cheese curds in Australia, for your delicious restaurant dishes. You won’t regret it.


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