It’s time for the custom apple watch band

The watch is finally ticking to wait to get a hand on the new smartwatch from Apple.

The iPhone-compatible wearable is reportedly ready for an April release.

The Apple website says it will come in a variety of styles and colors. Includes 34 different watch choices and nine watch faces.

Users can customize them in different ways.

All watches have the same rectangular design. The corners will be round. The differences between the styles will be in the “collection” consisting of different materials.

Those who are expecting a lower-priced version will be disappointed. The custom apple watch band starts at 349.

The watch version will be the most valuable in the group. It features an 18-carat gold case. Apple engineers have made the casing twice as hard as standard gold. Prices are believed to have reached the 4,000 level.

Buyers can personalize their watches with a variety of band styles and colors. You need to choose six band types and 18 colors.

The idea is to wear your watch for sports with a band and/or arrange it with another band for business or an evening in town.

Those who have big or small wrists should choose two mouth sizes from their mouths. The screen can be flipped for both right and left hands.

The watch’s interface is different from what Apple has in the market, and maybe somewhat accustomed to it.

The digital crown acts as a scroll wheel. You can zoom in and out. Preliminary test versions indicate that the on-screen touch must be very precise in small workspaces.

Working with your iPhone, the watch enables you to view your contacts or even use Apple Pay as needed. Of course, it works on all common smartwatches such as making and receiving calls from your wrist and scanning messages for work.

The custom apple watch band has an activity app that will show you the progress of your workout at a glance. The goal is to make you sit less, move more and do some exercise. A separate app is also available for dedicated cardio sessions.

Apple is already making some complaints about battery life. Unlike their competitors, the Apple Watch has to charge every 48 hours every day.

The demand for Apple Watch seems to be strong. CNET quoted a research report by CCS Insight as saying that global apparel sales will increase in 2015, jumping 158 percent year-on-year to 75 million units.

The research firm said the Apple Watch would become “the most successful smartwatch ever” and would sell up to 20 million units this year.

Many companies like LG, Pebble, Samsung, and Motorola have made and sold smartwatches. But no one was able to capture the interest and excitement of the wearable market.


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