Izzat Freitekh Acts of Kindness to Make the World a Better Place.

Before Izzat Freitekh opened ‘La Shish Kabob’ in 2008, Izzat Freitekh had an empire in Jerusalem consisted of a serious of restaurants, office buildings, event halls, and hotels. His late father left behind some of the most important land marks in Jerusalem. Izzat decided to do his own thing and start the Freitekh Foundation in Jerusalem where he helped build many schools and hospitals. He also had the Red Cross, UNRWA, and United Nations offices renting at his building in Jerusalem where he used to pay half of their rent for all the help they do to bring peace to Jerusalem, his hometown. 

Izzat was living in Jerusalem with his family of 10. His wife, 7 daughters, and son, until he decided to move his family to Charlotte, NC in 2006.

People in Jerusalem call Izzat a Saint because of his donations that helped thousands of families. 

His only son Tarik went to Collage Des Freres – The Christian Catholic school founded by John Baptist. The founder of the institute of the brothers of the Christian schools, Patron of Christian teachers. Some of the notable places Izzat Freitekh donated to built this school, as well as the school his daughters went to, Rosary Catholic School in Jerusalem until they moved to Charlotte, NC. 

Izzat now has La shish Kabob in Charlotte, NC where they choose a peaceful, family oriented life in the Queen City.


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