Know about Influencers, their types and their Impact

As you can see, influencer marketing is a very working thing, as it gets branded to huge audiences, plus through people they look up to and are passionate about. It is important to choose the right influencers and also to mix them with the right strategy and marketing communication.

The point is, they can influence their audience in different ways with their own content, such as blog posts, videos, social media posts, or anything in which they express their opinions.

Since this influence can also be an incentive to buy, it is often worthwhile for different brands to work with certain opinion leaders because they can effectively advertise their products.

Why could influenza develop as a profession?

A recommendation has been one of the best marketing tools for decades, as we often don’t look at it that way.

If you want to know, for example, what kind of dentist to go to, what clothing to buy, where to go for dinner, you often ask your parents, friends, someone whose opinion you trust. Because you think they sincerely want to help, you accept their recommendation and buy that particular product or service.

However, this recommendation works not only for specific acquaintances, but also for a larger audience due to social media. Since followers trust the particular influencer marketing agency India, so they give their recommendation and this can lead to a purchase.

Because it actually works, brands and businesses are happy to pay money for collaboration in return.

As long as the Earth is round, there will always be influencers

It is true that we have just begun to use this word, but in fact there have always been those who have been able to influence the decisions of larger masses.

What has transformed is a change in channels?

Fifty years ago, actors, athletes, and singers were equally able to influence the decisions of hundreds of thousands and millions of people. They, on the other hand, could only get their message out to the audience through interviews, newspapers, radios, TV shows.

Only larger brands had the opportunity to collaborate with a “star” and create a joint commercial.

Categorization of influencers by tracking followers

In addition to where they are known and what content they produce, they can be grouped based on the number of their followers. The numbers vary from country to country, but the point can be understood. In India approx. this is what the split looks like:

  • Nanoinfluencer – 1,000-10,000 followers
  • Microinfluencer – 10,000-100,000 followers
  • Influencer – 100,000-300,000 followers
  • Macroinfluenza – 300,000+ followers

Importantly, even if someone has a large following camp, they may not be better able to influence people. With a smaller, more active follower camp, you can often get better results than with a larger but not so attached group.

Because micro influencer marketing has been working on a certain topic for several years, they unconsciously gain expertise in different skills and the topic itself. If they are adept at recognizing unmet issues and are savvy enough to embark on building a new product and business, they will have a huge competitive advantage over competitors. They will already have a loyal tracking camp to whom they can sell their product relatively easily.


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