How luxury Jewelry Boxes can save your Jewelry? 5 easy tricks that must be followed 

Jewelry items are used all over the world, and there has been a constant increase in their selling in the retail world. The right kind of jewelry boxes can take these already great accessories to a level where they cannot be resisted. Regardless of the fact how attractive these packages seem, they would not be effective if not providing the necessary protection. So, it is direly needed to take steps to make sure that jewelry accessories are well protected.  

Material choice matters:

Why are certain types of packages more protective than others? The fundamental reason behind this difference lies in their manufacturing from different materials. Cardboard variants have proved themselves as the most protective materials currently available in the market. Get rid of your old packaging materials and make a better choice with corrugated cardboard. This variant of cardboard provides enough strength to the jewelry gift boxes for withstanding critical loads. It is a three-layered material containing an inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting with a ruffled shape. This high-tech construction makes sure that boxes can carry a range of weights without showing any deformity. Kraft can be a good choice too, but when the load is critically high, it is recommended to prefer corrugated cardboard.  

Layer the bottom:

The bottom of jewelry gift packaging is liable to carry a maximum weight of the jewelry accessories during the moving process. The same is true when the packaging is placed on a retail shelf for presentation. To prevent any unwanted damage, it is wise to reinforce the bottom part of the packaging. The layering of the bottom side of the box with an additional cardboard sheet can do the job in this matter. You can do this by measuring the perimeter of the box’s bottom from inside and attaching the same size of cardboard sheet there. There are other methods as well to cushion the bottom side of your jewelry boxes bags. For instance, you can use shredded papers, packing peanuts, or tissue papers to provide a cushion. It will make the bottom flaps less likely to open in the case of heavy loading.  

Accurate size with dividers:

The custom-fit size of the luxury jewelry gift boxes is extremely vital. If they are undersized and you are forcing large products inside them, the pieces of Jewelry would get damaged. The same kind of result is expected when you will pack small jewelry items into overly sized boxes. They would bounce around a lot that would cause severe damages to their integrity or original posture. The fitting design would keep the jewelry items in a place to avoid damage from collision or bouncing. You can use cardboard dividers as well that are designed according to the precise dimensions of jewel items. They block any inside movement and keep each item from shifting and hitting with other pieces.  

Make it airtight:

Making your personalized jewelry gift boxes airtight is another technique to preserve the jewelry pieces for longer. The shine and polish of these products get damaged when they come in contact with moisture. The moist air is also capable of tarnishing the beauty of these items. Making the boxes airtight would greatly help you as it results in the perfect sealing of them. They provide a defense against moisture and humidity-like effects. The possibility of products getting in contact with the outside air is also ruled out this way.  

Reinforcement of gaps:

The jewelry gift boxes have different parts that are joined together with an adhesive like glue. The reinforcement of these critical parts must be done so that the boxes do not break under severe pressure. The correct approach in this matter is to look out for different gaps and spaces between different joined parts. You can glue them again to make sure that the parts stay intact when loaded with weights. If your packages do not have any glued parts, try reinforcing the bottom flaps with an adhesive. It will definitely amplify the load-carrying capacity of packages, and they would not wear or tear due to abrasive forces.  

Packing luxury items like Jewelry is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the moving process. But, there is no worry if you have reinforced jewelry boxes to tackle difficult situations. To strengthen them appropriately, use corrugated cardboard for their manufacturing and add additional protective materials. Airtight sealing and layering of the bottom would also make them better at protecting your fragile items. 


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