MRF Cricket Bats

MRF bats are a must for all cricket fanatics. MRF is the manufacturer of MRF Cricket bats and accessories. The MRF bats have been in manufacture for many years, which helps them to stand apart from other brands and become the ultimate cricket accessory choice for fans. MRF bats come in different shapes, styles, and colors, all made with world-class high-quality English hardwood. The MRF cricket bats are made for both left-handed and right-handed players. MRF bats have a traditional player profile with a large, padded swell and good pick-up during gameplay.

* MRF cricket Bat UK – The official MRF Cricket bat brand in the UK. * Made with high-quality English hardwood. * Constructed with contoured grip and length range for different height range. * Available in three main colors; Emerald Green, Ebony Black, and Maple Red.

Main Color Collections

MRF bats are available in three main color collections namely; Emerald Green, Ebony Black, and Maple Red. With the different color collections, there are various style options for MRF cricket bats.The MRF cricket bats are manufactured using a heavy-duty UV stabilized laminated core, which helps to add extra strength and durability to the cricket bat, contributing towards longer life for the bats and the user.

MRF Vintage Series Cricket Bats

MRF Vintage Series Cricket Bats – MRF has introduced a vintage-style series of cricket bats, which feature authentic vintage MROs. Each bat is crafted in a unique style, which features a contoured hollow core, and a sweet spot that is either completely scrolled or has a line running through it to replicate the action of a cricket ball being picked up. All the bats in this vintage series feature a high gloss finish, and a finger guard to protect the fingers from the stumps. Each bat is individually numbered and comes with an MRF Certificate. These bats can be purchase online.

MRF Offers MRF Vintage Series Bats,

MRF Offers MRF Vintage Series Bats, which are much lighter in weight, but just as strong as their heavier counterparts. These bats have an accurate square toe. MRF Vintage Series bats have a full overlay of finger guards, therefore which done to give the bat the traditional MRF curvature and feel. The square toe makes carrying the bat easy while allowing a perfect grip on the ground. MRF’s vintage-style Cricket gear designed so that it has the exact bat contour, as used on the field.

MRF English Willow series cricket bats

MRF English Willow series cricket bats also engineered by MRF and are available in several different models. They are mostly available in an abd ultra-light version. The engraving on these cricket bats done to emulate the look and feel of an authentic English cricket bat, and not to take away from the strength of the individual model. These cricket bats have a full overlay of finger guards and come with an MRF certificate.

MRF West Indies Cricket Bat

MRF West Indies Cricket Bat Line offers several models to choose from. One of which also the MRF West Indies Extra Long-handled Cricket Bat, which is an oval handle, with a weighted square handle for enhanced control. It features a fine-tooth finish for ease of gripping, and a long crown to ensure stability. The MRF West Indies Extra Long Cricket Stick comes with a leather cover, which has finger holes. This bat is also finish with an MRF VELCROFT handle.

MRF New England Cricket bats

MRF New England Cricket bats well known for their solid construction, and superb playing qualities. This is a great option for those who want to enjoy the game to the fullest without the worry of expensive equipment damage. They feature a traditional wooden handle, with an open face. The main body of this bat features three heavy aluminum edges, with a fine-tooth finish. It fitted with an MRF VELCROFT handle, which helps to deliver superior power and accuracy.


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