Is Online Entertainment Piracy on the Rise?

Much in line with the recent trend of cable cutting for those cutting television services amid rising prices, the same has also been happening in the world of streaming and subscription-based services for the same reasons too as price hikes have been continuing over the past couple of years and other less desirable changes too. At the same time services that require regular transactions have been on the rise particularly with mobile gaming as MTX is bigger than ever, services like those found at have been thriving whilst subscriptions are on the way down – but are the cuts of subscriptions leading to the rise of piracy for online entertainment once more?

Statistics are finding that for music, TV, and movies in particular are seeing piracy on the rise as digital options have found their way to illegal streaming services almost immediately where there was once a period of time before this was possible, the same is also true for sporting events as piracy here is on the rise as a result of increasing subscription or pay-per-view costs and poor online services which make watching it through official means more difficult too. 

It has been suggested in the past that piracy was a question of service rather than price, and the early days of streaming services like Netflix certainly shown that had been the truth, even today as Disney+ was able to amass over 100 million subscribers in just 16 months showing the price of these services wasn’t an issue – but changes over time have led to a change in these services as a lack of new content and cancellation of original content is leading many users to look for alternatives – similarly with the growing number of streaming and subscription platforms out there, content is spread across too many different services to be an attractive choice for most too.

With subscription cutting looking to continue because of the spread of services, it is expected that digital entertainment piracy will only continue to grow but the solution is very clear, however unlikely as the biggest streaming services won’t have much incentive to pool resources together to deliver more shows through a singular platform, and as it becomes more difficult to shut down the illegal streaming services that are putting this content out there, it’s likely rates will increase.

The latest announcement from Netflix was also to announced that additional costs could be attributed to users sharing accounts too – when looking at the question of cost versus service, changes in service like this only lead to further backlash.

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