Shockwave Therapy Best For Arthritis At Physiotherapy Clinics

Many times the stubborn pain that you are feeling can’t be because of an injury or it is the pain that you experience after surgery. According to therapists at clinics of Physiotherapy West in Edmonton suggest that the pain can be because of arthritis.

What Facts About Arthritis Should You Know?

If your therapist has recommended shockwave therapy for the treatment of your arthritis; then there has to be a logical explanation behind it. To fully understand it; knowing everything about arthritis is vital. Below are some important facts that you should know about arthritis.

  1. Arthritis is one ailment that affects the joints of the body. As the joints swell and become tender; so this causes pain in the joints. It happens mainly in old age, but children are also prone to this disease.
  2. Arthritis is one disease that can affect any joint in the body. Osteoarthritis is the most common type. But patients come with arthritis types that include; Psoriatic arthritis, Thumb Arthritis, Septic arthritis, Gout, Rheumatoid arthritis, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, and Reactive arthritis.
  3. The therapists at the best physiotherapy clinics at Edmonton look for the following symptoms to judge whether the patient has arthritis or not. Severe pain in the joints caused by swelling. Unable to move the joints properly. Stiffness moving hard.
  4. The cartilage that is the cushion around the joint suffers wear and tear and soon disappears. This makes the joints stiff. In another case, the same cartilage swells thus giving the impression that the bones and joints are swollen.
  5. Arthritis is a disease that majorly occurs in old age but in many cases, adults and even children can have this issue. But sometimes this problem intensifies because of the following factors. It is inherited, Old age, Women suffer more from Rheumatoid arthritis, Inuring occurring in the joints and Obesity is a severe issue.

Reasons For Choosing Shockwave Therapy For Treating Arthritis

If you are thinking of considering oral medication or surgery for the cure of arthritis then you should first visit physiotherapy clinics including Regenerate Physio to know about treating this issue with shockwave therapy.

Physiotherapy West in Edmonton Reduces Pain

The main issue that patients face in arthritis is the pain because of the joints’ stiffness. Physiotherapists have recommended Extracopeal Shockwave Therapy for decreasing the pain in the joints.

Proper Healing Through Stimulated Inflammation

Although many times inflammation is a severe issue that needs to be solved quickly; but it has an underlying benefit. When inflammation hits a part of the body it protects the part as it is affected. So inflammation is intentionally triggered so that outside dangerous elements don’t harm the body more.

Triggering Rebirth Of Stem Cells

In arthritis, the stem cells degenerate, but shockwave therapy triggers the rebirth of the stem cells. This increases the healing process.

Improving Flow Of Blood In Body

Blood takes all the necessary nutrients to the affected body part. When the blood doesn’t reach the body part the joints can become stiff. But improved blood flow means improvement in arthritis condition.

Results Are Immediate Visible

The immediate visible result is reduced pain in the joints which is the most painful side effect of arthritis. Shockwave therapy immediately lowers the pain of the patient.

Safest To Use For All

At the Physiotherapy clinics West in Edmonton, this therapy is used on all patients whether they are senior citizens or children. The main reason is that it is considered to be the safest of all therapies.


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