12 Popular Websites From the 90s Still Up and Running

It goes back to 1989 when the world wide web made its debut, and the initiator was Tim Berners-Lee. And coming back to this era, when the internet makes everything look so seamless, even getting accounting assignment help online looks like nothing but a cakewalk. So far, the internet has evolved over the years and has undergone numerous changes.

In this process, we have said goodbye to a few websites and welcomed new ones. However, few have continued to exist since the 90s and have a massive fan base following them online. In this writeup, we are going to have a look into 12 such popular ones from the past and try to gain as many details as possible related to them:

The virtual library of the World Wide Web

One of the stalwarts among all the eminent websites dominating the internet since the 90s, the World Wide Web continues to rule even today. It is one of the first websites in the entire world to be helping you with indexed content and was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991.

The website continues to provide unadulterated support and retains its original look from the era of the 90s. The user interface might make you feel nostalgic and let you relive the past days when the internet was at its very early stage of evolution. The virtual library was last updated in 2017.


Ruling the airwaves throughout the 80s and continuing to do the same in the 90s, we have MTV standing next in line. The particular web interface was launched in August 1981 and registered as a separate domain in 1993 by Vj Adam Curry.

The website of MTV is active and helps minds with soulful music throughout the globe. You can straightly land on the web interface of MTV and scroll through the listings made available by the developers online.


Have you ever thought that there was something before Google? Well, that is a yes and here, filling up the third position is none other than ALIWEB. Back in 1993, Martjin Koster developed the same and made sure to release it as well. When we talk about pluralism, ALIWEB had a concrete ground back in the 1990s.

This site is an early version of the entire concept of the search engine, and you can get links to different websites directly from the home page. However, though in existence, the site was last updated back in 2001. That way, it will be good for you not to go and search for the latest happenings in the same.


On the fourth is our Nikhef, also known as “Netherlands Institute of Nuclear and Atomic Physics”.  The particular was launched back in the year 1992 and to date continues to be one of the oldest sites on the internet.

The site has a modern look for you to apprehend, but it is original from the beginning. It is not entirely known when was the last time that Nikhef got updated, so in no way can we guarantee the search results available here online.


The presence of CERN dates back to 1954 in the Geneva region of Switzerland, and the European organisation is responsible for it to come to life. As always, the webpage of CERN was generated by Berners-Lee in 1989 while he was working in the physical lab.

The European organisation houses one of the most prominent laboratories in particle physics. And you are always welcome to visit the page of CERN and get a glimpse of the live version recreated from the original website of the same.  

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is a famous museum of art, technology and science located on 15 & 17 San Francisco. Frank Oppenheimer founded the same back in 1969 in the Palais des Beaux-Arts.

It is one of the museums that came online back then, and now, when we look into the present, the Exploratorium has made its position as one of the oldest websites on the internet. Over the years, it has continued to undergo a massive change and has now come to life as a modernistic website with an intuitive design.    


IMDB was started back in the Usenet group “rec,arts.movies” as a movie database taken care of by the fans. Back in the 90s, it stood apart as one of the largest databases comprising thoroughly updated information about actors, movies and crew.

Earlier in 1993, the computer science department at Cardiff University took care of the same. IMDb is an Amazon undertaking featuring all sorts of modernistic website designs.

Space Jam

In 1996, Space Jam’s website was a whole new experience. It was the first website with all that star-tiled background and planets in the form of a clipart. The visitors then could browse around and discover more about the Space Jam universe accordingly.

The best part is that on clicking into the starry icons provided, you could end up landing on dedicated pages full of trivia, games and colouring books. To date, the Space Jam website continues to be a colourful example of what a website used to look like back in the 90s.

eBay (AuctionWeb)

Auctions went virtual back in 1995 and came to be known as AuctionBay or now what we know as eBay. Initially, it was a coding project for the weekend, and things started getting serious afterwards when Pierre Omidyar (the founder) launched the first sale of his life.

Within a year, eBay managed to facilitate a sale of 7.2 million dollars and made space for itself in the history of the internet. Today, the website is known for its iconic design and listed items.


The particular and tenth in our list had hit the internet back in 1994. Thus marking the beginning of a new way to order pizza online. The entire system was based on a rudimentary ordering process. You needed to fill out forms online and wait for a phone call to confirm your order.

However, the site frizzled out and was not reintroduced until the 2000s. At present, PizzaHut has managed to keep a version of PizzaNet online, marking the evolution of the food ordering system over time.


A website for online music got launched back in 1995. The particular came with weekly features, a personalised collection online and recorded reviews. It brought in a notable flash in music journalism.

When you look at Pitchfork at the current date, the website has undergone a massive change in design. Also, at present, it continues to publish reviews, music and relevant news online.


NASA launched its site in 1994. However, the homepage was about navigation, grid buttons and grainy items. The organisation tried to make all things available within a centralised location.

Over the years, the NASA site has undergone several changes backed by four massive design overhauls. The feedback taken was used to make the site an easy place to navigate.

Final Thoughts

That was all, offering you a steady glimpse of the 12 top-notch sites from the 90s that continues to retain their essence till today. As already discussed, the modern-day internet has changed a lot, offering steady support such as Assignment Help Calgary, instant search results, and on-the-go information. The evolution will continue even after.

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