The Best Prom Dress For Your Body Type

Preparing for the big night can take as little or as much effort as you choose. At the very least, you want to make sure you find the perfect prom dresses that you feel tremendously confident in. When looking for “the chosen one,” use this body type guide to help you show off only your best features.

How to dress a guest according to her body style, it is a doubt that more than one of you makes many of you think what kind of clothes you should wear and what suits you best.

The first thing we must know is the type of body we have, because this has a very important influence when it comes to dressing and above all knowing the style to choose.

Today we take stock to see the  clothes  and  accessories  that enhance your attributes and hide those not so flattering details.


When you have narrow hips and a larger bust, it can hide your waist a bit. That is why girls with a lot of bust look so good in skirts with more volume that balance your figure. The more you can shift the focus of attention to the face, the more hourglass you will appear. When shopping for a dress, look for prom dresses with high necklines and A-shaped skirts that help add dimension around the hips.

What to avoid: Super short dresses and strapless dresses that can amplify your bust.


The inverse form to the previous one is that of pear. Your hips tend to be the main feature, sticking out more than your waist and bust. You can match your look by accentuating the bust and shoulders. Look for gowns with crystal necklines or illusion designs that will highlight your features.

What to avoid: Ball gown-style skirts that can make your lower half appear wider.


Strapless dresses, empire waist and solid colors are the order of the day when you have an apple figure. To disguise an undefined belly, look for a prom dress with an empire waist or a patterned top half. Voluminous skirts and A-shaped silhouettes will help downplay your waistline. Also don’t be afraid to show your stems

What to avoid: anything belted or too tight. They will draw your gaze directly to the area you are trying to camouflage.

Large size

The options are plentiful when it comes to finding the perfect plus size prom dress. The trick is to choose which feature you want to highlight. Flowy dresses are universally flattering, while cap sleeves do a great job of making your arms appear slimmer. Don’t avoid shorter dresses either, especially if you like legs. Show your bold confidence in any way you can.

What to avoid: Dresses that lack fit. The perfect length depends on your design, but too much cloth will appear bulky and unwelcoming.


Girls with slender, childish figures have two options: embrace their willow frame or create their own curves. If you are completely slim, you can wear a fitted dress to show off your natural shape. Another option is to look for dresses with a cinched waist or color block. A one-shoulder neckline or a high slit can also give depth to an otherwise simple dress.

What to avoid: Anything shiny or sparkly that emphasizes your bones and limbs.


If you are 1.70 meters or shorter, you are considered petite. The goal then is to lengthen your silhouette as much as possible. Short dresses that show a lot of legs are a great way to support a smaller frame. The asymmetry in the hem can also give the illusion of height. You can fool the eyes a bit more with a vertical or pleated print.

What to avoid: Ball gowns and full-length party dresses, which can gobble you up.


This frame has few limitations, as various cuts work very well with your natural curves. Choosing something fitted at the top and through the waist is a good idea. You can really show off your figure with a mermaid cut dress.

What to avoid: skip the empire-cut dresses that can hide your natural curves.

Always remember that the best change is the one that makes you feel safe with yourself, choosing the most comfortable dress. Take advantage, search among the different dresses for rent and make your best choice.

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