Reusable bottles from SodaStream

The CO2 cylinders from SodaStream (you can also choose the cylinders of other providers) are available in brick-and-mortar stores or online. The Chrystal 2.0 model is equipped with well-known cartridges for screwing in. Mount the bottle in the SodaStream by opening the back of the water bubbler and turning the bottle into the device.

The Duo-SodaStream and the Terra model are equipped with the Quick-Connect cartridge. You can recognize them by the pink banderole around the bottle. This new technology simplifies assembly and does not allow the cylinder to be inserted incorrectly in the SodaStream. If you still have an old cylinder with a blue banderole, you can easily exchange it in one of 14,500 exchange stations in Germany that dispose of the old SodaStream cartridge.

Depending on the model, the bottles are available in a glass or plastic version. Both models are dishwasher safe and quickly cleaned. The lighter plastic bottles can be used well on the go. If you drink directly from the bottle, you should clean it before bubbling up again to ensure the hygiene of the SodaStream.

The elegant glass bottles of the SodaStream are a real eye-catcher on your dining table and not only hold bubbled drinks. Impress your guests with a summary lemonade from the SodaStream with raspberry. A mark on the glass bottle indicates how far you should fill the bottle with water so that the water does not overflow during the bubbling process.

From time to time, discounters such as Lidl have SodaStream models on offer. Buy the SodaStream there is a set with bottles, a cartridge, and from time to time even with a SodaStream syrup for under 100 euros.

Which model is right for you?

Here you can see a clear comparison of different SodaStream models:


  • Bottle size: 0.5 l and 1 l
  • BPA-free plastic bottle
  • 42.8 cm high
  • pink Quick Connect CO2 cylinder
  • available from 69,99 Euro
  • the perfectio

Duo Water Bubbler

  • Capacity: 1 l
  • Glass and BPA-free plastic bottle
  • 44 cm high
  • pink Quick Connect CO2 cylinder
  • available from 129,99 Euro

Chrystal 2.0

  • Water tank: 0.7 l
  • elegant glass carafe
  • closed 43.8 cm, open 55 cm high
  • CO2 cylinder for screwing in
  • available from 130,99 Euro

Maritna Hale

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