Rico settled on the correct choice when he relinquished everything for business

Rico Torres is an attractive multi-capable figure in Hollywood. He was brought into the world in America and brought up in Medellin, Colombia, Miami, and FL. Rico is a wise Latin-American Actor, model, maker, creator, money manager, and web character. He is notable for his splendid acting and displaying.

Rico is a well-known TV and web character having gigantic followership on Instagram. His displaying profession launched in 2016. He has from that point forward functioned as a representative for a few significant brands. He is perceived for his familiar Spanish pronunciation, extraordinary looks, imaginative body, and incredible style sense.

In 2018, Rico acquired his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Health Sciences from the University of South Florida. He was an understudy of Braulio Alonso High School from 2010 – 2014.

He experienced anorexia and asthma from the get-go in his life. Rico had an unpleasant foundation and was tormented experiencing childhood in school on account of his wellbeing challenges. He was continually exiting starting with one school then onto the next. His mom was left to raise him and his kin after his parent’s separation. He grew up experiencing misery combined with the mishap he had that nearly ended his life.

Rico is six feet tall and weighs 175 pounds. He achieved his wellness, characterized abs, and incredible body from strength preparing. Due to his affection for wellness, it turned into a propensity. Exercise is his method of delivering himself from stress. He is a brilliant money manager; given his prosperity as a business visionary, he claims a few resources, including investment properties and land organizations.

Rico isn’t just known for his fruitful organizations yet additionally known to be a devoted dissident. He has gone on clinical mission outings to Ecuador, Peru, and Nicaragua to help provincial networks access essential medical care, sterilization and fabricate school offices.

Rico is an individual who enables, rouses, and engages individuals. He is an online media influencer and a promoter of keeping up great mental, physical and otherworldly wellbeing.

He has a blog where he examines matters identifying with progress, including tips for private company development, self-improvement, otherworldliness and development, activism, and substantially more. He is associated with such countless things on account of his conviction that prospects are boundless and that foundation is never a justification you to fall flat.


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